Sail Simulator under Windows Vista

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Sail Simulator under Windows Vista

Postby Stefan » Tue 06 Mar 2007 - 08:09

After installing Sail Simulator under Windows Vista and starting the program, an error message pops up saying the file D3DRM.dll could not be found. This file is actually part of DirectX7 to DirectX9 which is used by Sail Simulator. Under Windows Vista (which uses DirectX10) this file no longer exists.

You can copy the file from an existing Windows XP installation (you can find it in the system32 folder of the windows folder) or download the file from the internet, for example from dlldump:

After downloading, copy the file to the folder where Sail Simulator is installed (by default this is: c:\program files\stentec\sail simulator 4.0\sail40) and Sail Simulator should now start normally.
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