any news?

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any news?

Postby Jan » Sat 01 Aug 2009 - 22:58

after a long time (one year) i visited this page, hoping there is some news about a new motorboat sim.
But still the same result as before, nothing.
Will there be a new sim, or is this project cancelled.
I still believe this sim could have a great future, but not this way.
If even members like Barry don't show up in this forum anymore 'Stentec' should thinkover their strategie.
This is not the right way to keep the customers satisfied.
Hoping to get some response.



Re: any news?

Postby Barry » Fri 07 Aug 2009 - 00:33

Hi Jan

I just look in occasionally for old time sake, but unlikely will use Stentec sail simulator again or their motorboat simulator..if they make another!

I seem to remember a post from Stentec a while ago mentioning if or when a scenery designer is made it will be mentioned on the forum. With no definite news over the years regarding the new scenery designer, plus the fact Vista stopped the old scenery designer working for me I have very little interest remaining now.


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Re: any news?

Postby Bernard » Thu 20 Aug 2009 - 09:16

We will start making Motorboat Simulator when Sail Simulator is completely finished. So there is a new version coming. When this project starts is unknown (at this moment).

When we will start with Motorboat Simulator we will inform you of this!
Greetings Bernard

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