does holux gm270 CF GPS work

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does holux gm270 CF GPS work

Postby bobk » Fri 28 Jul 2006 - 22:11

I have this card, and the led goes on,
but wingps tells me there is no gps signal to use
I hear a BEEP sound when I klick the communicateion (GPS) button
so the card is activated i think... (the LED goes on on the same time as the BEEP)

do I heave to change NMEA settings or... the card is NMEA0183 v2.2 compatible as the specifications tell me...

thanks in advance, have a nice boat trip!
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incorrect baudrate ?

Postby lnorlin » Sun 30 Jul 2006 - 12:19

Sounds like you have the wrong baudrate os something simulair.
I use a CF GPS (Haicom) without problems on a Dell X50v PDA
Have you tried the Holux test software (Gps viewer) to se that the GPS works ok and on what comport and speed etc it works with.
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