Convert TGF4 into DKW?

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Convert TGF4 into DKW?

Postby fullcane » Wed 23 Apr 2008 - 22:26


I have a number of electronical charts in TGF4 format (.hug-files for Yacht Navigator Premium 2.0). Is it possible to convert them into DKW format? I have tried to use WinGPS Pro 3 Database Converter, but after specifying the location of the .mdb file, the program terminates with an error, saying:
Could not connect to the WinGPS3 Pro database given by you. Check the file path and be sure the given file is a WinGPS Pro 3 database.

Or is it possible to read DKW 2 charts in Yacht Navigator Premium 2.0?

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Re: Convert TGF4 into DKW?

Postby Bernard » Wed 21 May 2008 - 08:47


It is not possible to convert the TGF4 files to the DKW or DKW 2 file format. Also the DKW files are not compatible with Yach Navigator Premium.

DKW Charts can only be made with DKW Builder. In DKW Builder you can calibrate your own images for use with WinGPS.

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