strange PDA error message without consequence

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strange PDA error message without consequence

Postby fullcane » Sat 20 Jun 2009 - 15:52


I have purchased another NV digital chart set and added it to the already existing ones. When I synchronized it with my PDA, DKW-Manager popped up with the following error message:
If you copy the selected BSB-charts to the current storage location, all BSB-charts that are already in the storage location will be unusable because they are installed for a different PDA.

Do you want to continue?
Of course, I am using the same PDA throughout, so the message doesn't make sense. Fortunately, however, it isn't meant serious. I can use the already existing BSB chart sets without restriction. Nevertheless, it is irritating and it cost me an extra hour of installing the new chart set, because I initially thought, I would have to reinstall all the chart sets, so I started deinstalling them. Due to several break downs of this incredible ActiveSync during the process of deinstalling chart sets, I finally decided to uninstall the whole WinGPS stuff on my PDA and reinstall it from scratch. When I finally reached the point of adding the new chart set again, I got the same error message as before. This time I dared to continue as I should have at the very first time. And hence, no problems!

So please, you programmers of DKWManager: Kick this useless error message out of the synchronization routine!

Kind regards
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