How can I hoist the sails (and adjust the sheets)?

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How can I hoist the sails (and adjust the sheets)?

Postby Hilbert » Fri 10 Oct 2003 - 12:24

How can I hoist the sails (and adjust the sheets)?

Leave the simulation with Esc, press Preferences and Control and see which control device has been selected. Go back to the simulation. Press F2. In the Status Bar you see that the Hoisting Mainsail is selected. The main sheet is now coupled to the selected control device. To hoist the sails:
  • Keyboard : Use the vertical arrows. To you is pulling the line or hoisting.
  • Mouse: Press the right mouse button (keep it pressed) and move the mouse to you.
  • Joystick: Press the fire button (keep the line in your hand) and move the joystick to you. Release the fire button (sheet), Joystick foreward, press the fire button again and pull the line in, etc.
  • Control Unit: Select Reverse X-axis and Reverse Y-axis. Press the left button (hold the line) and move the slider to you. Release the left button, move the slider foreward, press the left button again and hold the slider to you.

More info:
Lowering the sails goes in opposite direction. The same procedure is valid for all the other sheets that can be selected with the function keys, like hoisting the Jib (with F7) and selecting the Main Sheet (with F1).
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