how to get your gps BU-353 working on windows 8

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how to get your gps BU-353 working on windows 8

Postby christiaan27 » Sun 26 Jul 2015 - 15:33

We have found a work around, on how to get the BU-353 to work on Windows 8. We have tried these steps on our Windows 8 laptop, and it seemed to work.

Can someone try this and see if it works for you?

1 - Remove the Windows 8 Driver by going to your Device Manager (CTRL + X), go to Ports, right click on the "Prolific USB to Serial.." device and click Uninstall with the delete drivers option.
2 - Reboot.
3 - REMOVE the BU-353. *** Don't plug in back in until step 6 ***
4 - Install the older driver: ... . (May need compatability mode to do that)
5 - Tell windows to NOT automatically update drivers (or it will kill the driver each time.)
6 - Plug in the BU-353
7 - Test with the latest verison of GPSInfo:
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