WinGPS and serial port splitter

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WinGPS and serial port splitter

Postby Arno » Wed 30 Jul 2014 - 20:30


I'm using WinGPS 5 Lite V5.0.4.4 but I need the GPS data for some other software as well.
Therefore I use the Xport serial port splitter from to create "virtual" ports.
These ports are not shown in the Device Manager but all the other software is able to detect
and use them. The terminal program that I use for troubleshooting also "sees" all of these ports.

However WinGPS doesn't scan these "virtual" ports when trying to detect the GPS and also
doesn't show them in the port list for the manual configuration.
It has worked before with an older version of WinGPS that I used last year (unfortunately
I do no longer know which version that has been).

The operating system is XP with SP3.

I've tried another serial port splitter software but the result was the same.

What can I do to get my setup running again ?

Kind Regards

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