How to install Prolific usb-driver under Windows Vista

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How to install Prolific usb-driver under Windows Vista

Postby Stefan » Wed 09 May 2007 - 11:46

Windows Vista does not recognize the Prolific usb-driver that is delivered with many GPS'es and installation of the GPS does not work automatically if you do not have a working internet connection on the pc or laptop you try to install the driver on. You can let Windows find the driver manually using the following method.

After you have installed the driver and attached the GPS to your computer or laptop, Windows Vista will ask you for the driver cd-rom. Click the button you don't have the driver disc and want to see other options. Then select the option to manually search for the driver. Then click 'Browse' and browse to your username (in the image below it is 'tester'). Below that you should see a folder with a name in the form of '{a1b2c3d4-...' and so on. Select this folder and press 'ok', Windows Vista should now be able to install the driver and afterwards you should be able to use the GPS.


A new driver for Windows Vista should be available in june 2007.
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Postby Bernard » Mon 28 Jan 2008 - 13:00

An new driver is now available!
This driver is easier to install and can be downloaded from:

After downloading this driver open the zip file containing PL-2303 32-Bit Vista Driver Installer.exe

Run the file and after installing the driver put in the USB connector of the USB GPS mouse in a free USB slot of your PC/Laptop. Windows now should show a balloon in the bottom right of your screen saying that the software(driver) is beïng installed.

If the installation is complete you can use the USB GPS mouse correct.
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