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TomTom6 - TT BT GPS - WINGPS4 Mob. Lite

Postby 8507214342 » Tue 03 Apr 2007 - 14:53


I have read a lot on the problems with BT GPS communciation in your forum and that TomTom does not alow other programs to use the BT GPS.

This problem still exists on my PDA Qtek9100 with TT6 - TT BT GPS - WINGPS4 Mob. Lite.
Problem: COM 6&7 (for BT comm. GPS) are are not accessible for WINGPS, but for TT6 it is working fine!

Deleting and replacing the TT GPS file does not work because it doesn't exist in TT6 anymore.

There is only a file named: ttn6bt2003.dll

Any idea how I can get things working???


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