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import trk files

Postby fullcane » Sat 07 Jul 2007 - 19:52


does anybody know, in which format .trk files are stored? I have a number of track files saved in the g7t format (produced by g7towin). g7towin is able to convert track files into a lot of different formats. It also provides an option to produce a .trk format (Fugawi track files). However, WinGPS4L is not able to read this format. The error message reads "The file has an invalid header".

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Postby Stefan » Mon 09 Jul 2007 - 09:21


The track-files WinGPS uses are different than the .trk from Fugawi, that's why you get the error messages. WinGPS 4 Navigator and higher has the ability to export tracks to the GPX-format that can be used or converted to the format you need.
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