incomplete track simulation

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incomplete track simulation

Postby fullcane » Sat 07 Jul 2007 - 19:57


I tried to test WinGSP4L with my Garmin 12 in simulation mode. Connection is ok. Bearing is displayed correctly in the position window. However, the position displayed in my GPS is far away from the position reported in the position window of WinGPS4L. Does anybody know, what's going wrong here?

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Postby Stefan » Mon 09 Jul 2007 - 09:18


It is possible the GPS-datum used on your GPS is different than the one used in WinGPS 4L. Nowadays mostly the WGS1984 datum is used and it is the default datum that is used in WinGPS 4L, but perhaps your GPS uses another datum. If the two are not the same, it could lead to position errors of up to half a mile or so.

It is probably best to check which datum your GPS uses and enter that in WinGPS 4L aswell.
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