Simulation mode, MOB

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Simulation mode, MOB

Postby Bine » Sat 25 Aug 2007 - 15:16

Hi, there are two problems for me. :? (Using wingps 4 nav two years)
I´m interested in the upgrade WINGPS 4 Pro and tried the demo version.
Being not pleased because a complete MOB function is still missing. :(
Simulation mode doesn´t allow cruising without gps signal with data feeding from vessel´s instruments and manual feeding of stream and wake.
Simulation mode should allow feeding all nav-data manual or by instruments and output COG and SOG as a result! (perhaps as an option :idea: ).

Another question: How the best feeding of waypoint data (catalogue) from wingps 4 nav/(pro) to a garmin 76 map, connected via multiplex 41 usb-ais to the laptop?
Better using garmin protocol or standard NMEA??
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