Connection Problem to Magellan SporTrak

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Connection Problem to Magellan SporTrak

Postby Charcot » Fri 08 Aug 2008 - 13:52

Tried to connect to Magellan GPS SporTrak via USB/RS232 Converter. Test Screen of the Software says GPS works ok, but doesn't transmit the position. System set to 4800 Baud. The NMEA Setup screen shows confusing options to use: OFF, V1.5 APA, V1.5 XTE, V2.1 GSA. None of them seem to work. Haven't tried OFF so far. Has anyone a solution ?
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Re: Connection Problem to Magellan SporTrak

Postby Stefan » Mon 11 Aug 2008 - 09:19

Hi Charcot,

You should set the NMEA option in the NMEA Setup screen to V2.1 GSA. When you tested this setting, did the SporTrak have a fix ? If not, please try again when the SporTrak has a fix. The Magellan GPS'es generally only send NMEA-data when they have fix and do not send anything when they don't.

Have you also installed the driver which comes with the USB/RS232 converter ?
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