Forum not helping you stentec

Forum not helping you stentec

Postby Rojoyinc » Mon 12 Dec 2011 - 06:54

After being all hyped abot getting this great sim, i found no one replies or shares or supports here. I found a good group over at virtual skipper forum. So helpful that when i couldn't download their demo, they ftp'ed it to my server.

I expected to not like it as much as sail sim 5. But i really enjoyed it and ended up ordering virtual skipper 5 as well. I was very impressed by how much fun it was, how instructional and informative it was to racing and basic rules. I spent nearly 2 fun hours doing their tutorial missions. I like learning and it's been nearly impossible to learn with sail sim due to lack of reponses here and sim support.

Stentec... Having a great sim is part of the job, marketing and supporting it is the other half. Virtual skipper has a community... Sail sim has? Well hobies and since i'm a hobie owner and sailer... It's really a shame that this great sim is so poorly supported'

I'll check back from time to time, but i'm moving to where the action is.
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