Sailsim 5 last version

Sailsim 5 last version

Postby dvfieb » Wed 04 Mar 2009 - 19:32

Now I work with Windows 7 Ultimate, but I have problems (no reactions) with the old stentec sailsim unit, but the same with xbox 360. With the mouse functions it works normal. I have changed the shortcuts but nothing happens.It is possible to send me an example of settings for these two units?
The problem with the flickering context is only during sailing in the upper corner of the screen. A screenshot was sended today to the helpdesk.

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Wolfgang Fiebig
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Re: Sailsim 5 last version

Postby Jeroen Schlaman » Sun 08 Mar 2009 - 11:51


Did you change the shortcuts for the controls to use the 360 controller? You can change this on the Settings->Controls screen.
About the flickering context. Is this only during sailing or also in the menu's? And is it the upper or lower left corner of the screen? Could you perhaps E-mail us a screenshot of it (to give us a global view of the screen you are looking at)? You can send it to
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