Multiplayer FAQ

Multiplayer FAQ

Postby caseyjonez » Sun 15 Nov 2009 - 04:55

- how do you chat?
- how do you respawn? (or just reconnect?)
- how do the race start & stops work?

- is there a faq?

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Re: Multiplayer FAQ

Postby Bernard » Mon 16 Nov 2009 - 10:48

Standard controls are:

Chat = Shift + T
Respawn can be done by placing your boat on another place on the chart. You can use the most left button on the chartviewer and left click in the chart.
In Organized sessions you can use Shift+M to start or Stop a race. In open sessions this is not controlable. When you start an open sessions you can define the race duration and the time between race starts. This will be set for the whole session and you can't change this.

On page 53 of the manual you will find the keybindings which are used for the chat and match.

Action Keyboard/mouse
Chat message = Shift + T
Start/Stop match = Shift + M
Show/hide names = Shift + N
Show/hide match goals= Shift + G
Show/hide ranking = Tab
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