Wind question

Wind question

Postby Andy(NZ) » Fri 27 Nov 2009 - 01:37

Hi Guys,
My question is related to the wind... are there wind shifts in multiplayer racing ? Does the wind deviate from the preset direction/strength and if it does is it random ?

If the wind does deviate does it change across the entire map or are there pockets of wind deviations ?

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Re: Wind question

Postby Admiral » Sun 29 Nov 2009 - 15:29

Hope you mean with "random" in multyplayer, variable shifts and puffs yet the same shifts and puffs for each player :) Aka randomness is determined by session master but the same across all players.. so each player sees the exact same puffs and shifts at the exact same time yet knobody can know when and where these will be..
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