About further update

About further update

Postby sy06 » Mon 14 Dec 2009 - 15:29

Hello to all stentec team and all SS5 saillors,

I open this new tread to talk about the improvement we would like to see in the future on SailSimulator, then we can directly comunicate with the devloppers.

First of all, I think that the major parts of virtual saillors or very happy about what you ve already done to this game, and thanks to continue updating it.

I've see that a new release gone be out (normally end of last week ?) in a few days, major update is, as I read it , a ranking system; i hope you have ask yourself about a ranking system whytout any rules penality system ? Sailing will be a desaster on public server, anybody will follow rules to be first and get much point. And for the moment we have set up some organised racing session with a private ranking system and it s good. So I hope that you gonna introduce a "Basic" penality system with it. Or it wiil be anarchy s sailing.

At the moment for me and for other skipper the essantial is to get better boats, and try to get more reallistic,
We like to get a spi on the bavaria an yd 40 to have more fun with those boat. And maybe a better modelisation of Spi on Vo70. Happy to see that you are devloping a RIB and a catmaran (hobbi 18 ?) Ithink most saillors like to see a good racing monohull (like i've headr an X-boat for example ?)

Personnaly, I think the crewmember moving speed on the 470 is still a little fast.And the manoeuvring hoist the spi and dehoist it is quiet fast too.

I also like to get more reallistics Waves( they are allready well modelised) for now,they are to much robotic, I mean they alsmost look the same, I use the user defined waves to configure 4 waves its quiet great but still to much mecanical. Hope you understand what i mean.

To finish , for me, the best improvment you can do is to get some gales, and different wind dir at time , and maybe some better instrument to see the vectors, TWA,TWS cause your actual vectors instrument just serve for vmg (for me ) cause we can even see then angle with the different vectors.

Hope to see this in further release, feel free to post here others wishes you like to see in next version . Hope all this can be possible .

Thanks again to all stentec team for the great job you done and your support.



Ps: sorry for my bad english , i do my best :p
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Postby crosswave » Tue 15 Dec 2009 - 01:38

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Re: About further update

Postby mistral » Mon 21 Dec 2009 - 11:25


Congratulation for your develloppement realistic

But, if there is one forum in place its possible to have answer at question of sys06 and croswave.

If no answer forum is no utile.

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Re: About further update

Postby sy06 » Mon 21 Dec 2009 - 17:57

I think they work to hard these day to get us this update :) :)
I'm now downloading it, thanks Stentec !! (Hiope my bug will be resolve here :p)
Thanks , bye
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Re: About further update

Postby GJ_ » Tue 22 Dec 2009 - 18:01

I'm really happy with this new update. This ranking system can help to make SS5 more popular.

With all the wishes mentioned earlier I agree but we all have to keep in mind that to much extra's can slow down the computer. So, some improvemend is welcome, but not to much please.

Oh, and maybe nav.lights on boats and buoys (and maybe at some places in the scenery) would be nice. Now sailing at night is no fun at all.
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