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I've been noticing sign of interference with the online gaming due to i hope peaks in network traffic locally. Some symptoms: Game freezes for a second or so, the Tugboat isn't drawn or rendered.

Discussing these phenomena with other players to find the possible cause of latencies, no one seamed to know how the network during a race is set up. Is all traffic routed through stentec's sessions server or through the sessions masters computer like a client server network, or is data shared with all peers directly like in a peer to peer network. Can somebody clear us up?
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Re: network

Postby sy06 » Mon 18 Jan 2010 - 10:57

Hey admiral,

I didnt noticed any latencies probs exept from other player ( sometime some user are maybe downloading or els using their bandwitch) so they have some lags, their boat stop for several second and come back after.
But from here i don't experience any lag or maby "rarely" and sometimes disconection when new update is out ( certainly cause many download the version so server is a bit overloaded).
But as you demand, I'm also interesting how the network is set up here. I think that open server are Dedicated server where we all pass tru a stentec server and not p2p.
But, is it the same when you create an organised game ? I'm not sure.

If Stentec can light us on this..

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