Saitek x45 Joystick control (need help / profile)

Saitek x45 Joystick control (need help / profile)

Postby libre » Tue 08 Jun 2010 - 18:46

Howdy folks,

I want to control Sail Simulator via a Saitek x45 Joystick.

If you have succeeded in doing so, please upload your Saitek profile to one of the upload sites (e.g. and post the link here. (By profile I mean the mapping between keyboard keys and the joystick, that you can save to a software profile).

Otherwise, if you have suggestions regarding how to map my keyboard to the joystick, please post them.

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Re: Saitek x45 Joystick control (need help / profile)

Postby Admiral » Fri 11 Jun 2010 - 09:12

Howto change or set key mapping:

- read the manual

- in launcher settings, select your joystick

- in the game settings, controls, left click with mouse on key maps to change them

- read the manual
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Re: Saitek x45 Joystick control (need help / profile)

Postby Rojoyinc » Tue 06 Dec 2011 - 04:14

I installed my saitek x45 today.. After not using it for like 8years. Looks good for ss5. I didnt create a profile yet... Just tried 3 or4 controls and saved it...they worked fine. Not sure whats logical yet... I think the throttle options might be better than joystick... Maybe the stick and hats for camera,control?

Ill try and explore configuration soon. If you. Have any ideas? Im all ears. So far i only have demo. H hate to profile it until my full version arrives. Since the demo lacks many options that ill need later. Jib for example.
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