Joystick problem

Joystick problem

Postby steve22 » Tue 14 Dec 2010 - 21:46

While I'm using the mainsheet control on an axis it stops running after 5/6 minutes for the mainsheet, but it runs with the other control!
Why? Is this only on my joystick?
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Re: Joystick problem

Postby efgm » Sun 09 Oct 2011 - 21:14

I see you have problems with a joystick. I have problems with the Logitech dual action. You didn't received any answer to your post as i can see.
With the dual Action pads, i can't control anything: sail simulator only works with the keyboard. Do you have any idea why? Or does anybody else may have an answer?
Thanks to all !
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Re: Joystick problem

Postby Admiral » Mon 10 Oct 2011 - 11:01

eehr.. well other users can't actually help you because

1. possibly no one but you "wants" to sheet with a controller other then keyboard

2. possibly anybody who actually trim sheets with a controller other then a keyboard can't help you because they can't say anything specific.

I belong to both.

I tried all setups but stuck with steering with joystick (because the rudder automatically centers at precisesly 0°)
I decided against trimming with a controller while for dragging the mouse I can use up to 1 meter of space for movement at basically the same speed a controller moves only centimeters.

Now IF you really need help configuring your joystick you would be best of with somebody that has the exact same joystick as you do, the same computer and the same operating system. (you should start worrying if you are one of a view with a specific problem)

I use a 10? year old usb Side Winder Joystick.. and put the main sheet trim on the throttle, in the Sail Sim controller settings. Using windows XP SP3, default (windows) joystick driver. It would seem to work as it should.

Should i need a new joystick I would be helped if you could say what joystick, what driver, what operating system you are using. (I'mean who wants something that doesn't work...?)

How to ask smart questions..

I'm afraid i can't help either of you as Joystick" nor "Logitech dual action" is enough information to even offer "wild" guesses.

My first guess in these cases would be something like

<rand mode on>- unless a wireless controller, the controller must be plugged into the computer -<rand off>

Don't feel insulted, the truth is you licensed some software (a game) to be "installed" on a complicated multipurpose machine (computer). It is not supposed to work out of the box.... and you are supposed to know how to operate that multipurpose machine, or at least know how to get help (knowledge). See the link "how to ask smart questions" above.
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