Workaround for the MBS1 scenery load problem

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Workaround for the MBS1 scenery load problem

Postby TomCat » Thu 27 Mar 2014 - 21:38

Hi - if there is anybody out there:)

After years I had the idea to exhume good old Motorboat Sim and scenery designer.

Since introduction of Win XP MBS doesn't load additional sceneries. Now I found a workaround for that bug!

in a nutshell:
- install the three programs MBS, scenery designer toolkit and scenery manager
- Install your scenery with the scenery manager
- Edit the ini-file of one of the default sceneries
- replace the GUID of the default scenery by the one of your own scenery
- done - MBS will show your secenery instead of the default one

B.t.w. MBS works fine on my Win 8.1 System for what ever reason (It crashes on both of my Win Xp systems I run on two old PCs). Scenery manager works well, the toolkit loads with errors, but ... hang on;)

What you need is the GUID of the scenery you want to load. This is an ID Nr to identify a scenery and it is generated when you create a scene.
If you don't know that number you can find it in the "scenery builder" of the "scenery designer toolkit". I know, I know, this piece of software does not work on systems with graphic cards younger than late paleocoic era.
But you should be able to install this program and to load a scenery (ignoring error messages...).
After you have loaded a scenery into the scenery builder the only thing you can do is to check the properties in the menu "scenery".
There you will find the GUID looking like {6ACBD121-097A-11D5-892C-0050042FA94E} - the curly brackets are part of it.

Now install the scenery with the scenery manager to the default stentec directory.

MBS provides two default sceneries (two trainig areas). Their ini-files can be found in a directory like
C:\Program Files (x86)\Stentec\Motorboat Simulator 1\Data\Situations\Predefined or just C:\Program Files\Stentec\...

Ignore Save0001.ini
Edit Save0002.ini or Save0003.ini (these are text file and should open in NotePad on double click) and scroll down to the section


Now replace the GUID by the one of the your own senery and save the file.

When you open MBS you will find your scenery where the default scenery was.
As MBS stores the initial position of boat somewhere else in the ini file the boat will be located at a strange place in the scene on startup. Just put it where you want and save the scenery under a new name.

Thats it!

Cheers and have fun
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