Conway Castle North Wales 3D model available.

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Conway Castle North Wales 3D model available.

Postby Barry » Tue 09 Mar 2004 - 01:55

Have zipped up a copy of the file up so completed and available.

Pictures on my site on the opening page, and on the screenshots page. showing how I placed the model in the simulator. The castle is embedded into the rocks adjacent to the Estuary with most of the castle on rocky high ground. There should be a drawbridge and moat but....

There is a small stone quay, below the East Barbican (stone terrace), to which I have added collision spheres and around the small surround wall to the terrace. Small boats used to bring supllies into the castle around the 14th Century AD. I had made more watch towes, etc and really intended to have an outer wall with defense towers which the boats sailed between ( from an illustration c 1600).

The castle is sited on the Conway Estuary about 70 miles from where I live. There about 6 or so castles around the coast of North wales so are a prominent landmark when seen from the sea, or river and all are adjacent to the sea or river.

For those who wish to practice docking and manoevering there is nothing lke a change of scene. To install any of the 3D models you will probably need the PLUS version of the sail or motorboat sim which contains the Scenery Designer Toolkit, or it can be bought seperately.

Had added some of the defense towers I mentioned but got a weary of errors arising, so deleted them. If there was more feedback and discussion on the forum the, various problems could be discusseed and perhaps could then be easily resolved.

The castle is near 4000 polygons but there seems little effect on frame rates and still using the NTN2 graphics card (approx 4 years old).

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Postby Guest » Tue 09 Mar 2004 - 20:49

Texino has made the castle available for download on his site together with the other 3D models. 303K in a zipped file. Don't forget each 3D model needs its associated bitmap texture with it in the same folder or will just show white.

Changed the screenshots page on my site to Conway castle and the North Wales Coast. This page has a description of the coastline, details on the welsh castles plus screenshots of 3D models.

This page and others with the same heading, will be developed as this is the area I am interested in.


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