Wooden barrel pack for quaysides available.

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Wooden barrel pack for quaysides available.

Postby Barry » Sat 13 Mar 2004 - 00:12

barrel pack containing single wooden barrel, group of 4 barrels with 2 barrels on top, row of 5. All the same barrel texture so they use the same bitmap.
These can be then rotated and grouped in and endless number of combinations as required.

Couldn't manage to put a bung hole in the same texture, so probably barrels of salted fish perhaps rather than barrels of rum.

"African Queen" as in the film, type boat next I perhaps and the mangrove swamps. :wink: Wonder how you make mangrove swamps. Could be done with the alpha texture function shortly maybe?
And have the boat pushing through the low branches.

Actually I did use this idea in a Trainz route and looked good using a narrowboat, except fixed track for the boats, which was not so good.
Or perhaps some fishing boats with the nets out fishing a little way out to sea. These could just be static floating, and still be realistic.


Just some ideas as anything could be created from tropical islands with palm trees and sleepy lagoons. to extensives docks and canals.
Once more functions become enabled then the variety could be endless.

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Pressed Fish

Postby texino » Sat 13 Mar 2004 - 06:33

So I have 500,000 barrels of pressed fish turn up and I am out of town and can't use this computer to post them. Uh OH!

Your mangroves are not swampy per say. They build up into islands when their roots take hold in a low water area. You got your three types, red, black and something else. You identify mangrove not by color but by the way the plant gets shed of its salt. The Black Mangrove makes salt one the underside of the leaf while the Red leeches it through the root and the other one does it through the stem. Anyway, the one what uses the leaf is good for getting your table salt where you are out among the mangrove islands and passes in Florida Bay. Trees that grow in swamps are Cyprus and they stick up theses cone like roots called knees.
Cyprus knees and Spanish Moss is what makes swamps spooky. Mangroves are not spooky and they are a sign of pretty salty water.

Remember, to have a swamp you need fresh water to support swamp animals like Alligator, snake, bat, otter, beaver, craw-dad, bream, bear. bullfrog and the panther.

Hope this is of some help in your swamp project. Here are names of some large swamps fairly nearby: The Everglades, a famous swamp which is being ruined by big sugar interests who use off shore slave labor to cut the cane and then kick them out after the cutting. Most sugar production in the US comes from the sugar beet which is a rotation crop and it is constantly being proven the cane sugar production is a waste which is killing an irreplaceable resource. It is maintained with subsidies given by Congress in return for strong anti communist activity in the Cuban sections of South Florida.

Another swamp is The Okefenoke. This swamp takes up a whole lot of South Georgia and makes it unnecessary to have any towns down there.

Probably more black persons are afraid of The Great Dismal Swamp that any other because a lot of slaves run into that area and never come out again, means they are still in there yet and some has been doing this-for bout 300 years. Also bears in there. Many colored persons must drive through swamp to get to various religious activities. Now be aware that the Negros as a group get more punctures than anybody else. You will here many times over some story where people are changing tire when bear approaches of hind legs and makes a scary noise.

You can have this swamp thing. I stay in the mangroves and catch delicious snapper for feast. Good eats.
Bye Now
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Postby Barry » Sat 13 Mar 2004 - 14:02

Hi Texino

Thats about 200 years work to make all those 3D models :wink:

The alligators could be made and perhaps even animated if that function becomes available circling in the water, and if you have to get out to push the boat through the water then it could be a bit uncomfotable, but at least realistic. :wink:

I remember one early game I had, I think it was Pharoah, and the crocodiles were snapping, at the reed cutters. That game probably dates from about 5 years back and even that animation was quite effective.

Mind you it was only a suggestion. Maybe the tropical lagoons with palm trees with a luxury cruise boat calling in to the port may be more in my line after all.

And if people are wondering if all this has anything to do with the motorboat simulator I would say it most defintely has, as it is an illustration of the varied types of scenery that can be created. Coastlines can be populated with an infinite variety of objects relevant to the area and era. More functions will gradually turn it into a realisic scenario.

Working lighthouse beams I would say are almost essential for naviagation and realism for starters.
Other moving boats in the scene are also definitely essential of course for any realism (other than online).


P.S. Off to make an alligator :wink: or maybe perhaps, try and make a fire-fighting boat if I can find some measurements and information as detailed in my other thread.
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