Some Questions..

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Some Questions..

Postby Stealth » Sun 14 Mar 2004 - 01:38

I got some question about MBS :

1. Can there be added in the game that we can move when we are in hellsman (or whatever it called) viewmode ?
It's pretty boring/sucky to just stay the same place.. Would be cool if we could walk out on the deck or something ?
2. Can you please add a big ship to the game ? (about 80 meters or more long).. with bow (and stern?) thruster(s)..
3. Will the phsycics be improved more ? It's still not 100% realistic..
4. I think the waves are pretty hard to configure.. can the automatic wave be better done or something ?
5. Can there be some improvments in Multiplayer ?
a) Can there be an option if you want or doesn't want to see the waves / spray from the other clients ? because it's kinda boring when we don't see anything from the other boats..
b) Can we please change boat when we're connected ?
c) Can we please change scenery without disconnecting the server first ?

I think that's all I can rememer atm..
I'll scream out if I can think out something more.. :wink:

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