Making little people for the sail and motorboat simulators.

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Making little people for the sail and motorboat simulators.

Postby Barry » Thu 18 Mar 2004 - 02:19

Don't really expect any reply but have made a few attempts at making more little people. With the last effort Blender threw up an error when I completed it and it wouldn't open. I think probably a single dot (vertice) not connected may have been the problem, so deleted it as had already spent too long making it, even though had made about 4 backup copies

The method I tried was a different tactic and made a sweater with sleeves, in side view extruding in 4 sections for the body, dividing the waist and extruding down to make the legs and adding hands and shoes. To make a realistic shaped head and keeping the polygon count down is a problem, and finding a texture of a face to put on that is not copyrighted is another problem, etc. Anway this effort I deleted, along with the others.

So, although so far forum is "quiet" perhaps someone may respond, although absolutely no response about any interesting sites for boat measurements for modelling, etc.

Pity as once more functions become available much can be done with one's own efforts, tailoring the simulators to one's own interests, as regards route creation and creating scenery along the coastlines. If you are 3D modelling along these lines, for the Stentec boat simulators, perhaps you could post details as would help to create interest.

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Postby Guest » Thu 18 Mar 2004 - 09:58

Hi Barry
there are loads of tutorial on the web on low poly modelling/texturering of characters etc. I'll see if I can find some.

Postby Barry » Thu 18 Mar 2004 - 21:45

Hello Alex

Think I may have deleted an email from you.
Before logging on to forum I downloaded 28 of them.
They are usually spam, virii, from false names, and also links to false sites to steal you credit card details, etc.

One was from Alex. headed "letter for you". with an atachment.
The properties mentioned bounced message so deleted it.
No longer opening attachments, etc unless I know being sent in advance. Just the way the Internet has gone unfortunately.


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