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new scenery

Postby texino » Wed 31 Mar 2004 - 22:32

I put one of Barry's files on the download page

It is file #48 and has some good docks, canal way and ocean access as well as warehouses and sailing barges. There is even a sailing vessel off shore to make practice rescues on. Good detail and docking practice as well and the price is right. Props to Barry for doing some good things here.

PS There are 47 other objects up there to help you lot make some stuff on your own.
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Postby Barry » Wed 31 Mar 2004 - 23:08

Thanks Texino and appreciate you hosting the files on your site. :)

After taking the file out of the zip...
You open and install the file with the Scenery Manager and if you don't have it just download it free from the Stentec site.

The route is a small section of the canal locks and docks from my own Ellesmere Port route.
However you can only crop the dem map and this wiped out the models, and had to put some back on.
Its a bit basic as I placed these quickly, and also had to keep the file size
down to email it to Texino, so could only add a few items such as the warehouses that you sail inside, etc. File is about 1.6 meg.
In real life the canals are probably half the size and the arched warehouses no longer exist etc. So some make believe in it.

As texino mentioned all the models I used to make my own Ellesmere Port Route are available for Download from his site plus a castle, seaplane floating, people, etc, etc.

To add extra models you will need the Scenery Designer Toolkit.

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Postby Guest » Fri 02 Apr 2004 - 01:34

Should anyone be interested there is an expanded route of the first available for download. Did notice a barge embedded in the quay wall though when I ran it. Probably new wet concrete and it broke it moorings in a gale. Or whatever story you can explain it with. :wink:

I seem to be deleting more posts than I am making these days as there appears to be little or no discussion on this forum at present.

Again this download is available from Texino's site.

Thanks Texino. :)


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