Another route for you to try.

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Another route for you to try.

Postby Barry » Mon 05 Apr 2004 - 01:25

I have emailed a new little mini route to Texino to make it available for you on his site.

The route again made quickly (well fairly quickly at least not taking days), but has a few 3D models on it which adds the extra interest.

Not a fantasy route this time but I imagine a paradise for anyone who likes laying buoys.

I did make it just a touch difficult getting in and out of the 2 island ports. Finally got out myself after a little time.
Must remember where I put the channels next time. :wink:

Again install with the Scenery manager as 1 file.

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This stuff is for you

Postby texino » Mon 05 Apr 2004 - 05:38

Hi it is Texino writing from an aircraft.

I think that we have about 80+ members in this forum and I really hope that most of you are taking the time to look at the routes and scenery which Barry has been putting up this past week. I know that using 3D objects to make your own areas can be daunting but in these cases Barry is giving you the whole deal which anyone who has Sail or Mortor Boat Sim may and can use for free. Until this, we had the basic bland deserted routesm then a couple of really nice ones from Al and now Barry has come up with some very different options. In my opinion, the combination really makes these simmulations a worthwhile boating or yachting exercise. So please feel free to go to:
and scroll down to the last four files of so, download and unzip and then use the scenery editor to install the package file into your default scenery folder, apply it and close the application, open your simmulator program choose the new file and off you go. As Barry says, the new Islands file has tough access into the lagoon and would be a great practice for marking chanels and then try to run the line in bad weather.

I hope we get some feed back here because Barry works hard doing this when he could just as well be putting time into his own business. Remember, all this stuff is free to the people in this forum. Barry is too much of a gentleman to promote himeself, but I am not. We are being offered very nice art here that hopefully will be the basis for making the boating simulations into a more interactive enviornment. Please enjoy thise files and let Barry know what you think. With a little feed back you will be surprised at what can come from The Barry Works. Submarines! Balloons! Hula Girls! Hey we are building worlds here!

Please Enjoy with my compliments. For Barry Wright I am,
Bozo Texino (The Ugliest man in Yachting)
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