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Barry - Mini Routes available for download

Postby Barry » Sat 10 Apr 2004 - 14:13

I will include any further 3D models in small mini routes.

Routes are self contained so if you want to use any of my models in the routes, ,just install the model with bitmap into the Scenery Designer from the route folder. There are no restrictions in using any of my models in your routes and making them available for others to use.

Each new route I make, , will probably include any new 3D models since the previous route. Any new routes may not be anything special, a river, a few islands, etc.

I must emphasise thet you use any models or routes of mine entirely at your own risk. No liability accepted. But as always anything I include works OK on my own computer.

The routes and models are available from Texino's site.
These are installed with the Scenery Manager as a single file.

So perhaps look in to Texino's site from time to time to see if any new downloads have been added.

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Get 'em while they are hot

Postby texino » Sun 11 Apr 2004 - 04:56

That's the place mates Free Routes by Barry Wright

Down load, run in your sim programs. Learn how to dock and practice confined space movement. Get yourself lost in the fog and use the GPS to find your way home. Perfect for the KNRM rescue boat; spin it like a top; you sure can't drive it in a straight line. I see a lot of people read this post but I don't see anyone thanking Barry or even giving him the time of day. What's up with that? I guess there must be a few Frenchmen involved but what about the rest? Don't make me come over there!
Look at my face, you want your kids to see that? I don't think so, now do the right thing.
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Postby Barry » Wed 14 Apr 2004 - 23:26

As Texino says "Free routes" .
Use for the sail and mototboat simulators.

Have emailed a new route for Texino to put up on his site. This I think makes eight.
Texino has kindly provided the download facilities for me so
we can't do more.

This route is based around trawlers and the fishing industry.
I have made some new models for this route.
Breakwater with collision properties. Flat mountain slab with no
collision. small slab with collision.
New grey rock txtures.

I was unable to make the trawler I have just made to float so had to make it static.
Funny that as smaller than some of the others that I got to float OK.
Hopefully there will be a fix for this in 1.2 version as it has been mentioned.

The routes are very small in size but I have found that, by using models instead of terrain these can be placed directly on the sea and can make quite a large route with very small terrain file size.
Total route complete with the models is about 2.7 meg.

May be worth exploring out of the river and at the back of the mountains as you never know there may be more to find, or perhaps not.
Up to you to discover.

Pity so little feedback or discussion as the forum could be made really interesting?

By the way if you have the Scenery designer Toolkit, quite large and complex routes can be made out of just say a simple island. All it needs is a few circles to create it. Any models I have made can be scaled up or down to any size easily with the Object Editor. You may have to redo collision spheres or reset boats to float if they have these properties.

Build up the rest of the route from 3D models. Mouuntains, slabs of rocks with collision properties, rock groups with collision properties, long breakwaters with collision properties, planes, floating and static sailing and motor boats, steamship. Complex housing, small houses, lighthouse, buoys. Warehouses for the boats to enter, lock gates, dock gates, hand crane, etc.

Several varieties of people. Also there is now a man standing on the seaplane float as I merged 2 models. barrels of smelly fish.
Must get around to putting a bung in the barrels for the rum.

Most of the models I have made can fairly easily be made with "Blender".
Bit tricky to get used to it at first though. Mountains I made from half a cylinder with the dots (vertices) pulled into shape, same as the breakwater, quays are elongated blocks. Castle is cylinders for towers and elongated blocks for walls, etc. Boat hulls I make by just placing dots in plan view for the hull for the outline. So there is no mystery or special skills needed to create 3D models.

Also some people have been having problems getting "Blender" to load initially. Don't know if this is just the latest version or others that cause this problem.

Also couldn't get see through windows to work on the trawler this time, although again I got it to work on the steamship. So windows are solid.

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Postby Barry » Sat 17 Apr 2004 - 02:38

Another route sent off so should be available for download shortly from Texino's site.

Expanded the fishing indistry into rum and smuggling as well. :wink:
Explore the caves and behind the mountains well.

Will probably leave further route making until I see what new features version 1.2 has in it.

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Postby Barry » Sun 18 Apr 2004 - 18:05


Have just emailed the route off so should be available shortly.

Basically just some felucca type of boats floating with sail and a few pyramids thrown in.

Incidentally the route took about half an hout to make and the pyramids another half an hour. The boats took "quite a while". Much of the time trying to get them to float but that I have been told will be fixed in 1.2 version? Easy matter to add what you want to it and if you have Blender perhaps you could make some egytian monuments and sphinx, etc.

You will need the Scenery Designer Toolkit to add anything but that's up to you.

Incidentally did anyone find the rum barrels in the caves in sailingboats route and the "smuggling" at the back of the mountains?

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Float like an Egyptian

Postby texino » Mon 19 Apr 2004 - 02:53

Hey it is Texino the fellow who looks a cross between Hilbert and a lizard.
This Egyptian mini route is really fun. Go sailing off to sea, then return to the delta and work your way around the Lateen rigged craft making for the Nile. See the Pyramids! I get get a real charge out of these routes, so you folk who really know what you're doing should have a blast.

Enjoy and as always, Props to Mr. Barry for doing the work. While you are at it, you might ask yourself why does he do it? Well you see when Barry was a lad in Liverpool you either joined The Beatles or you did something else. Well Barry did something else, but I ask you when was that last time his highness Sir Paul MCcartney made you a nice peacful cruising route? Ringo Starr? Hello? Heck, I even do more for you than Ringo does and get insulted by Stentec for my trouble thank you very much.

So it would be mighty nice if ONE of you lot would toss a thank you Barry's way. He is too much the Gent to ask for such a thing. I am not.

Bozo F. Texino
Former Minister of Health
In Communist Cuba
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Postby Guest » Mon 03 May 2004 - 20:16

Waiting for 1.2 version of m/b sim. now before making more routes for general use.
Still making do with Sailsim, so routes I make are OK for Sailsim and m/b sim, at present anyway.

A simple route can be made in half an hour or so, but need
to add some fresh 3D models to it to make it more "useful", and
hopefully 1.2 version, will bring some extra functions into the Scenery Designer toolkit, that the Blender 3D models can use.
Then its just a case of me placing items in a route.

Don't forget the 3D models are included in the routes and not listed seperately for download now. Just copy objects s3d files or "buoy" files from routes folder into relevant Scenery Designer Folders, if using them in your own routes. Or install each seperately. Each needs its bitmap in same folder.


Postby Barry » Tue 04 May 2004 - 02:47

As there have been a few queries about this..
The items and mini routes are available from Texino's site and futher details are available from my site. Click the www link below.

To install the items to use in your own routes at present you will probabaly need the FULL edition of the Scenery Designer Toolkit, not the demo version. You will also need the Object Editor.

The items are in a zip files and each file contains either an s3d file (object file) or "buoy" file for boats and anything I have made floating such as the flotsam planks, seaplane, etc.

The items are installed into the Scenery Designer Toolkit, Objects or Buoys folder. Each item has an associated bitmap/s file/s with it in the zip file.

IMPORTANT...Make sure you drag the bitmap file out of the zip as well as the s3d or buoy file, as the bitmap won't install if installing the s3d or buoy file from within the zip file. You can also copy and paste or drag these into the Scenery Designer Objects or Buoys folders.

The routes are installed with the Scenery Manager. Just needs a couple of clicks of the mouse to install them. Install into the Default folder.(tick the box)
Program files/Common Files/Stentec Shared/Sceneries.
You can also use these files to use in your own routes. Open the Scenery folder required, then the objects and buoys folders. Just install in the same way with the Object Editor. You can also copy and paste.

Perhaps just copy and paste the whole contents of the Objects and Buoys folder into the Objects and Buoys folder in the Scenery Designer Toolkit.
If they overwrite files it means that these files are already there. or one of same name.
Sometimes I have use the same bitmap name for a few 3D models so only one bitmap may cover a few items.

You can always check what bitmaps an item uses by examining the properties of it in the Object Editor etc.

If an object or boat shows white it means it needs it bitmap so make sure that this is dragged out of the zip and is installed in the same folder as the s3D or buoy file. It MUST be in the same folder.

If any problems either post in m/b forum or email making email heading clear in case it gets filtered out with with junk mail.

Regarding the mini routes after installing with the Scenery Manager... to get it to show in the simulators. Start any route. Then Alt on the computer to bring up the top buttons bar. Environment then Sailing Are, open the box and scroll to the route. Highlight then OK.
For the route to show in the opening screen it is Alt/Game/Save situation. Type a name the OK. You can set several starting places by this method for one route.

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