Make m/b sail simulator with Blender? Useful for m/b sim?

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Make m/b sail simulator with Blender? Useful for m/b sim?

Postby Guest » Sun 09 May 2004 - 00:14

Just been looking at the links to the downloadable games that can be played in Blender. Would be interesting to try and make a sailing game including sail and steamships.

Any of the items can be fairly easily made. ships boats mountains and quays, etc, and have made many of the items anyway.

Obviously not to compete with Stentec, but a way to learn how the various functions work and perhaps some of them could be included in the Stentec sail and m/b sims when/if animation becomes usable, and other functions.

People getting on and off ships perhaps using the alpha function to fade them out when aboard.

1001 things could be learnt, and some may be usable in the Stentec sail and motorboat sims. Blender seems to be a necessary part of the sail and m/b sims (for me) to create the variety of items. boats and objects, to keep me interested in the Stentec simulators.

I had the seaplane taking off and landing but only in Blender animation, and not in the game engine, so will be interesting to see if the Blender files for animations for objects, and parts of objects, can be eventually functional in the Stentec m/b sim.

Is anyone using Blender, experimenting with the game engine that is included again. Anything relative to ships and boats? I know nothing about how to use the game engine in it, so just interested.


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