Ellesmere4 Route package - littleellesmere4 route.

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Ellesmere4 Route package - littleellesmere4 route.

Postby Barry » Tue 11 May 2004 - 00:23

I have emailed this route off to Texino.
It is about 3.8 megs.
If the email gets through OK it should be available shortly.

First the routes are simply a way of showing how the 3D models are used.
The only routes available, based partly on real life are the Ellemere port routes so I have extended the last version to Ellesmere 4.

This was to make use of the last 2 items I have made which is an old style English pub (inn) and also a reworked narrowboat 70 feet x 7 feet (originally pullled by carthorses).
I made the cabin open and have added see through windows, bunks, etc, and there is a rudder and propellorS. Making the windows work was quite an experience. See my site for the various "problems" etc in the Blender tutorial.

As you know at present we are unable to drive our own boats, but not only that, only some boats can be made to float. This is the same size as the previous narrow boat included in my routes and that floated OK. This one doesn't (hopefully this problem will be solved with 1.2 version), so it's static.

I have extended both ends of the Ellesmere Route, but not with terrain as this is impossible without re-making the route and replacing the 3D models.

Anyway the route uses the "pubs" to create the effect at one end and towards the other end of the route. Kegs of "rum" are waiting. Quays to berth at, and a few people can be seen near the pubs. Also all the middle part of the route is available as before with the open warehouses to go inside to load and unload, etc.

At the start you will find the boat will sail through the stone sea wall (if you aim it at it). This has collsion spheres on but it is not realistic to cover all the wall with the spheres so I think the boat is sailing over them. Lower down the coast the wall works OK, were it is higher out of the water.

The routes are installed with the Scenery Manager with a few clicks of the mouse. This makes 14 I think.

And I quite like this route. Although only a mini version, as a long term project, I am intending to carry it on from the Ellesmere Canal Complex, up past Liverpool with miles of docks, around the Wirral and around the coast to North Wales passed Conway. That is why I made Conway castle 3D model. However I think that would be for the future when I see how the simulators develop?, and especially the Route Editor.

Well that's it and don't drink too much rum at the "pubs". :wink:

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Postby Jean-Marc » Tue 11 May 2004 - 20:54

Hey Barry !

Nice Ellesmere4!, yours sceneries are always welcome! :P
Thanks! :D

Postby Barry » Tue 11 May 2004 - 21:11

Thanks Jean-Marc.

Hope to put some trees and vegetation in future routes, if the function becomes available, as they would be more realistic then. Also you can hide any faults with the trees :wink:

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