Latest Route is Seawalls

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Latest Route is Seawalls

Postby Barry » Sun 16 May 2004 - 00:30

Have emailed this of to Texino so should be available shortly.
I am making the routes just to to include any new 3D models, and show how the 3D models can be used in routes, and also enables you to use any of the 3D models yourself in your own routes iF you have the full version of the Scenery designer Toolkit. You can install them from the Routes folder with the Object Editor or copy and paste them WITH THEIR BITMAP TEXTURES.

Anway this route includes I think, 2 revised versions of the canal narrowboat. They have see-through windows and open cabin, and propellors, also a load of gravel. One has the boatman on board. I am unable to make them floating as it is impossible at present to get some items to float, and may update them to floating if and when this updated function becomes available.

I can get the barge to float so made one floating and one static, with see-through windows and a load of gravel in the hold.

Also made some extended stone steps and a tow line which can be placed on static models over the bollard. So at the start we have one narroboat trying to pull another off the sand-bar.

I keep the routes a simple as possible to keep file size down and this one has reached 3.5 meg or so. IF you have the Scenery DesignerToolkit, full version, you can always add any 3D models to it to suit your own interests, either from the ones I have made, or out of other routes, etc.
Or take any or all the models off to use the route for racing etc, if you consider they slow frame rates.

Not really much more that I can make different until 1.2 appears, then maybe it will have more functions. Even with boats it doesn't seem to matter if made static or floating at present as we can't drive them anywhere.


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About Seawalls

Postby Jean-Marc » Mon 17 May 2004 - 17:20

Hi !


I like it because it's a long route too!; about 37km I think! :P

Thanks a lot Barry! :wink:

Postby Barry » Mon 17 May 2004 - 21:05

Hi Jean-Marc

It could have done with a few more 3D models adding to it to make it more interesting.

Maybe if Stentec get a Download Station eventually we could then upload quite big routes, with plenty of 3D models on them, and a bit more like real life.

Bit out of ideas for more routes, without repeating the same themes so back to waiting for 1.2. motorboat as still only using Sailsim.



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