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New 3D model: Kizilada Lighthouse

PostPosted: Fri 12 Jan 2007 - 18:56
by altug
Hi everybody :D

Happy to hear about the future release of the SS5.

I was thinking if STENTEC can make a single platform where both sail boats and motor boats can play together (as it is in Virtual Sailor) it would be great. I mean having one single simulator, including sail and motorboat simulators. This way the sceneries can better simulate the real world where we sail and motor together.

Having both sailboats and motorboats in one simulator is one of the future development aim of Ship Simulator also.

Anyway lately I enjoy spending time with Google Earth. You can download it for free and also you can download a free version of a 3D software called SketchUp for making 3D content which will be shown in Google Earth. As a first try I have made a realistic version of Kizilada Lighthouse in the Gulf of Fethiye, Turkey.


I converted the model to be used in Stentec sceneries also.
If you like to download, I have it posted at my usual place:

Enjoy and see you around the forum. :D