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night sailing

Postby Xavi » Wed 02 Jun 2004 - 12:53

Dear MBS Forum,

I'm a new sailor with MBS, and I miss a subject not well resolved.

When you try to have a simulation of a night sailing (changing Environment settings), and in a suitable environment like MBS Instruction area where there are many cardinal bouys, you don't see anything concerning flashing indicator of that bouys.

Therefore, it is not possible to have a night sailing simulator with MBS if you don't use exclusively the map chart.

Is there any method or project to obtain that functionality ? (it must not be very difficult).

Thanks you very much for your answers. :D


Postby Barry » Thu 03 Jun 2004 - 02:18


Version 1.2 of the motorboat simulator may be due out shortly which hopefully will include more functions, maybe lighthouse beams, flashing beacons, etc.
I am hopefull that we will see many interesting additions to the functions of the motorboat simulator in the future.

Still using the sailsim myself at present and waiting to buy the 1.2 version.


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