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Check my Site for any updated news, for routes and items.

PostPosted: Sat 05 Jun 2004 - 22:32
by Barry
As the forum at present does not seem suitable for making further posts on it, any updated news of routes, etc, I will try and post on my website.

There is a direct link to my site from Stentec's site and the there is a link from it to Texino's site for further information, and for the zipped file downloads for my routes and 3D items.



PostPosted: Mon 07 Jun 2004 - 13:24
by Xavi
Dear Barry,

I'm trying your mini-route scenarios, and seem to be very nice creation and a more interesting set of scenarios compared to default-SS-MBS scenarios.

Perhaps, the method of publishing the download objects could be rearranged in a more structured way (by objects, by scenarios, etc).

In any way, thanks you for the contribution in the development of the simulator.


Xavi. :D

PostPosted: Mon 07 Jun 2004 - 17:29
by texino
Texino here. There will soon be a direct link from this page to the Barry files. At present, there are about 65 files with the last 8 or so being routes. I have held off making a catalogue until we had some feedback.

The idea is to take the routes and then add the models or models of your own. Barry seems more than willing to explain hoe this is done.

From my end, I will, over the next few days, rework the download page to make it more obvious as to what there is and what it looks like.

Regards to all.

The Little King of Minor Swing as played on The 8 String

PostPosted: Tue 08 Jun 2004 - 00:03
by Barry
Hi all

Although I will no longer be posting about individual routes, or the 3D models, if anybody wants any help regarding the routes or object, installation, adding 3D models, how to make your own routes, using Blender to make your own models, etc, I would be pleased to help if I can. If I don't know the answers, perhaps others may.

Perhaps best to post on this thread, or start a new thread on the Motorboat Forum and I will probably find it. I don't look in on the sailsim forum much as that seems mainly racing orientated, so if posting for help, etc there I may miss it.

On my site I have listed the zip name and folder name of each item and route. If you hover the mouse over the zip files on Texino's site, it will probably show the zip name as detailed on my site.

As mentioned on my site quite large routes can be made, with only a small file size, by placing very large 3D models, outside the dem terrain area directly on the sea. Large 3D items include a whole town of about 130 houses as one model. Mountain at a mile or more high. Sea Walls, stone strips with collision properties, texture sheets, long tunnel. large castle with sea gate approach.

You can also resize the items to any size you wish with the Object Editor.
This is very easily done and post if you need help.

Finally and most important to add 3D models to routes and to make your own routes you will probably need the Scenery Designer Toolkit. This is in the plus version of the motorboat or sailsimulator, or can be be bought seperately. If you don't have it, and want to make more use of the sail and motorboat simulators it may be worth getting.

The routes I have made are mainly a way of showing how the 3D items I have made can be used, but you can use any of the 3D items in your own routes and perhaps make them available perhaps for others to download if possible. All the 3D items in Routes can be installed from the Routes folder into the Scenery Designer Toolkit or copied and pasted together with their bitmaps.



PostPosted: Tue 08 Jun 2004 - 10:30
by Xavi
Dear Barry,

first of all, congratulations for the great job about 3D Models and Mini-routes.

I'm interested in develop some new scenarios of the real world, like Panama Channel, Manhattan or Barcelona area, Greek islands, etc.

The main problem is the time available to do it. The second one is the total ignorance about Blender, Scenary Designer, etc (it's a question of time).

I think SS and MBS, as simulator tools, could have more emporing with a greather portfolio of real scenarios, like it has Flight Simulator from Microsoft (for example).

If we get a simple method to open the development about this subject to the Internet community (with clear rules, of course), the project could be very interesting (for example, for Sailing schools, etc).

Regards. (and sorry for my poor knowledge).


PostPosted: Tue 08 Jun 2004 - 20:05
by Barry
Hi Xavi

The Panama Canal and the Greek Islands sounds interesting.
I think it's just a case of making a start and having the Scenery Designer Toolkit which is essential.

To make a route you can import a map and trace along the contours putting heights in. Just like running a piece of string along them.
Once you experiment with a free style one, a real life one can be made the same way. Free style one can be made in half an hour or so.

However Stentec may be making an improved version of the route editor but could be year or 2 away?
Pity they don't include the Scenery Designer Toolkit in the normal edition as more people might be inclined to try it.

If you decide to have a go at Blender just download yourself a copy, its free and just over 3 megs. You need a script file but could always email you one should you decide to use it. When you have made the model in Blender you open the script file in a window. Move the mouse pointer over it. Press ALT plus P together which creates the file you need.
Just experiment with it.

There is a tutorial on my site, and also a tutorial about making routes.

Or just have fun sailing on the routes.




PostPosted: Wed 09 Jun 2004 - 19:07
by Xavi
Sorry Barry,

where is placed exactly the 3MB of Blender download ?

By the way, I proposed Manhattan or Barcelona, but why not a Thames / London scenario ?



PostPosted: Wed 09 Jun 2004 - 19:56
by Barry
Xavi Hi

The links to the Blender site are on my site.
On the Blender Tutorial Page.
also links and details for script file.

The Blender main site is

The button for downloads is on the left I think.
You can also download tutorials, etc.
But have a glance at the Blender Tutorial on my site as it also gives the links, and some help as regards problems.
The castle tutorial is a good one to get started.

If you get stuck finding the script file. I can either email it or give a link to the site for it, at least to the main page.

Anyway just post on forum if any problems.

Will make a longer route for Liverpool and the river Mersey eventually.
The Ellesmere Port Canal complex is a part of it about 10 miles up river and there used to be 7 miles of docks. Don't really know much about the Thames and London. Would need plenty of objects to make it interesting,
and perhaps may leave that one for others. :wink:



PostPosted: Thu 10 Jun 2004 - 12:52
by Xavi
Many thanks, Barry.


Xavi. :D