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About Cave Island Scenery: FURIOUS WITH STENTEC SUPPORT!!!

PostPosted: Sat 19 Jun 2004 - 09:53
by Exocet25fr
In first time: CONGRATULATIONS to Altug for his splendid Scenery....!!!!! :D :D :D !, the terrain texture is superb! :P !
But it works only with Sail Simulator :D !, and it crashes Motorboat Simulator :cry: !
I sent many emails to Stentec support since few weeks and they reply they are busy!!!, they NEVER ANSWER TO MY QUESTIONS!!!!???
Because I have this kind of problem with all sceneries of Sail Simulators US?????, curious: ALL Barry's Sceneries run fine for me!??? :shock: !
Fortunatly I can use Cave Island with sail simulator, but the last patch ( Motorboat adds a new boat but Crashes many sceneries I prefer reinstall the old one!this patch is MINUS!!!!!!like the Stentec support! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

PostPosted: Sat 19 Jun 2004 - 13:30
by Barry

Hi. Altug is looking into the problem as could just be a relatively minor thing such as the title length or the GUID registration which is a random number which you insert with the Scenery Designer full edition.

Unless it as someting to do with downloaded or boxed version, or updates, etc. Must admit if that's the case it's up to Stentec to sort out.

It should run OK in motorboat sim.
As you say my routes seem to run OK, but have kept the terrain file very small, by using very large 3D items, to enable me to email them to Texino, although again as far as I know any size route should work.

Don't have the m/b sim yet myself, as still waiting for 1.2 to buy it, but Texino runs them all OK on the m/b sim. so it's a bit of a mystery.
Be glad wen I get it and can test a larger route on it.

But I must agree more feedback and support from Stentec would be helpful, and encourage a more dynamic forum, which in turn might increase sales substantially.

At least they are continuing development, and the only sail sim I know of that has the level of realism for water effects, and ease of creating terrain and items with Blender, so stay with it, and we just have to work on the problems as they come along, as best we can.
Then if we can't solve it, it's up to Stentec to provide the support.
The more routes we can get the better.

Off to see if I can download Cave Island.

Hope Altug has put some rum barrels in the caves.
A sailor needs his rum. :wink:


Scenery is good !

PostPosted: Sat 19 Jun 2004 - 16:29
by Exocet25fr
Hey Barry!

Thanks for your reply!, but I think the Scenery size isn't a problem!, you have a big one: San Francisco!, and Hawaii Islands on Sail Simulator us!, I haven't problem with them, and I think The Cave Island scenery is good too!, I met the problem since I downloaded the patch for motorboat simulator, if I reinstall without the patch the sceneries run good!.
Myster....?! :cry: :? :roll: ! :idea: ?

PostPosted: Sat 19 Jun 2004 - 19:29
by Guest
Jean Marc Hi

Altug is doing an updated version trying the renaming, and fresh reference number.
Seems as if it could be the patch you mention, as still stuck with the sailsim myself.

Maybe best to leave the patch off for now, if the routes work OK then.
At least when the updated version by Altug is tried and if it doesn't work I think then Stentec should advise us what the position is.
We need an update from them anyway as a few months since any feedback or news from them at all.

Would be useful if other people could post to see what happens on their computers.



PostPosted: Sat 19 Jun 2004 - 20:22
by Aal
I tried to fix Altugs scenery however it was in vain. I changed the
GUID and the title but it still crashes, with a differnt message though.
It is interesting that it happens after the patch. There are enough leads now for Stentec to find the cause of the problem I would guess.
Stentec has to response to support questions like this. No time is a bad excuse. Even a dead product (or is it still a live? it sure ain't moving) requires support and maintenance.
I'll have a look at it later

PostPosted: Sun 20 Jun 2004 - 09:45
by altug
Thank you very much for all brain storming and help from Barry, Alex and Texino.
I started the Cave Island scenery in demo version and finished in the downloaded full version of Scenery Designer Toolkit. Maybe this can cause the problem. But whatever the reason, I think this is programming problem with MotorboatSim since the scenery runs well in SailSim. Would STENTEC guys download the package from Texino's site ( and hava look at for a solution or tell us what to change in Cave Island scenery?
altug :(

PostPosted: Mon 21 Jun 2004 - 11:52
by Jeroen
Hello everyone.

First of all i'd like to apologize for the late response :oops: I didn't mean for this to happen.

Second of all. I've looked at your scenery and I got it to work with motorboat simulator.

The problem lies in the fact that you've selected a texture to be placed on the water. The error of this all is because the Scenery Designer Toolkit stores that texture file in the scenery file including path information. So motorboat simulator now tries to load a file from a location that doesn't exist.

The only solution at this time is for the author to strip the water texture file
from the scenery file.

Hope this helps and sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh... and I almost forgot... that scenery look absolutely stunning.... nice work


PostPosted: Mon 21 Jun 2004 - 18:09
by Exocet25fr
FALSE....FALSE....FALSE....! :evil: :evil:

I tried with other textures with a good path.....with textures of scenery toolkit!.....ALWAYS CRASH.......! :twisted: ...PFTtttt.................!!!!
CONCLUSION: Sail Simulator 4.2i is better Motorboat Simulator! :wink:

PostPosted: Mon 21 Jun 2004 - 21:25
by Barry
The way I see it at least Stentec responded to the problem and we have a reason for it, and the programmers made the sim and have a good idea what is going on.

As far as I now we can only have one texture at present for land on the simulator and bands of colour and the same with the water.
I experimented and replaced the default wave bitmap with one on my own and named it wave and it worked fine, except I think it needed a seamless texure and it showed the joins on the water. This was a while ago.

The mtorboat sim is made differently to the sailsim.I think it is based on dx8 and the sailsim on dx7, also the sail boats have a different interaction with the water in the calculations to the m/b sim.

We are trying to push the "frontiers of our knowledge" with experimenting in different ways, and perhaps sometimes the ideas work and sometimes they don't.

To use several textures for land or water we need some advice from Stentec and perhaps they could give us some feedback on this, and if possible for the motorboat sim how do we go about it.

It would sure make the routes better if we could use several different textures, (as I thought we could only use the one for land and one for sea), and to be sure that worked on all computers?


PostPosted: Tue 22 Jun 2004 - 09:49
by Jeroen
The fact is that the Scenery Designer Toolkit was built for Sail Simulator.

We've tried to keep the sceneries compatible with Motorboat Simulator without having to adapt Scenery Designer Toolkit but somewhere down the line this must have gone bad.

The only thing I can say for sure is that Motorboat Simulator doesn't work with a water texture specified in the file. So the only solution is to strip it from the file completely. I'm very sorry about this but we can't do anything about it at this time.

And about the multi texturing. This sure is something we're looking into for the future but we don't support it now. Supporting is would mean building a completely new scenery format (which is something we're planning). And then making a conversion tool which would convert the old sceneries to the new ones. The only drawback being that it won't be able to use those sceneries in the older version of Motorboat and Sail Simulator.

PostPosted: Tue 22 Jun 2004 - 20:43
by Guest
Thanks Jeroen for the updated information.



altug sceneries

PostPosted: Sun 17 Oct 2004 - 12:28
by aad
With all downloaded landscapes from altug and some older ones from the Stentec site as well I keep getting an error message once trying to use the scenary in the MBS

"Access violation at address 004DF49F in module 'MBS1Client.exe'. Read of address 000000FC"

I am using Motorboat Simulator

Anyone knows what could be the problem?

Thanks for help

patch 1.1.2

PostPosted: Sun 17 Oct 2004 - 14:07
by altug

With the help of user friends we remarked that my sceneries do not run under MBS 1.1 with patch 1.1.2 installed.

They run well under:
* SS
* MBS 1.1 without patch 1.1.2
* and new MBS 1.2

Why not patch 1.1.2 :? :?: who knows :roll: Thats all I know...

If any of you experience another/different problem or solutions please let me know...