Perhaps a 3rd Stentec Boat/Ship Simulator?

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Perhaps a 3rd Stentec Boat/Ship Simulator?

Postby Barry » Sun 27 Jun 2004 - 13:38

Its a puzzle.

We have the sailing simulator were each boat appears to be individually configured for performance for each particular boat, and I fully understand the appeal of the racing fraternity. With only one boat off-line sailable apparently the emphasis is on the racing.

Next the motorboat simulator and once again one boat, unless on line again the racing aspect has been emphasised, although of course boats can be used for learning to sail and navigation.

Well my interests are different and I should imagine there must be 1000s of people iterested in a true ship and boat simulator. We know that we are able to create any type of boat(depending on the various skills of the creators).Any type of object can be created from any size and type. The full alpha function when available will make trees, city backdrops, rigging, etc possible and at present can be used for the see-through wndows and portholes, and made my hovercraft "hover" by placing it on an invisible box in buoy format.

We have excellent wave movement with boat "interaction" with the water.All the fundamentals are in place. I imagine lightouse beams, etc will shortly be introduced to make for more realism but how do we get our own made boats to move.

I dont't know how the programming is done to make the Stentec boats interact. Peraps it is by a configuration table to enter all the settings as it the train simulutors, etc. I aso make drivable boats to run on water in a train simulator.The max speed, etc is set in te config table and I set my canal narrowbaots to run at a maximum of 8 mph.

What I am trying to say is that a true boat simulator would be of great intererest to myself and I imagine many thousands of other. The basis is there in the Stentec sail/motorboat simulators but not quite there yet?
Any type of boat needs to be sailable and drivable and certainly more than just one solitary mariner alone on the seas. Again I kow it all depends on the programming and how many boats could be made moving, but I assume it can be done?

Maybe one day "soon"? But hopefully not sometime never.

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Texino Replies

Postby texino » Tue 29 Jun 2004 - 04:14

Capital plan as always Mr. Barry ? You get the star! Now whether or not you get an answer is another deal. I, myself, Captain Reverend Bozo F. Texino-Marti have sent an email message to the offices of Stentec International, Royal Dutch Division asking for a simple access code to allow me to reinstall Motorboat Simulator-The Classic Version-in order for me to be able to work in altug's "Cave Island" route. This is something I might as well do, since the highly awaited "Rescue" version is, for all intents, inoperable.

Well, I must say that Stentec do not receive the star, as they have not answered my mail let alone acknowledged it's receipt. I must admit that I am in the US, a place where life goes on pretty much every day and Stentec is in the NL where
certain rules must not apply; for all I know it could be National wash the streets day. Now I say this because I was taught at school that the Dutch are very clean and take pride in just cleaning for the heck of it. Then, I had a friend who went and stayed with a software developer in The NL and she said he was as messy as your average single man. Then there is the thing about Dutch people being able to go to the pub and buy marijuana cigarettes. I don't know if that is true or not, but I have heard it said for years.

So if I leave out some other vices I have heard of in Holland, it still gives the possibility that our lords at Stentec are, cleaning streets, getting high, eating cheese, holding back a flood of water or possibly listening to Jazz Music! And, as they say in prison over here in The States, "they are doing it on our dime."
Now a dime is not very much money, but it rhythms with "time" and since American Black persons are extremely big on simple rhyming, "the dime" gets used a lot in prison lingo. How do I know this? Simple. They let Cubans into prison too.

What to do next? Oh I don't know. I will wait for a while. Then, if I do not get some remarks from the HQ, I might have to put a crew together and tour. Maybe we go to this famous Boat Show of August. Could be I choose my crew of specialists right here. People like steady Barry known as The Lion of Liverpool for his cat-like reflexes and commanding presence. Perhaps Alex the nordic knife is a fine choice as is Ali-The Turk-Altug; both men known for their abilities as night movers with eagle eyes. Suicide missions? Mon Dieu! Why not the Exocet, if he can keep still. Then there is me, Texino. Known from The Orient to Miami Beach as "The Spaniard who lives in Spaniels" That is just a rough translation from the Vietnamese, for "Dog Boy" which is Korean
for "Short Fight" which is from the Japanese for "yin yang puppy" taken from the Russian "Breeder of Terror" or "The Little Blue Man" and so on. The point is, dogs do my fighting as well as most of my other dirty work. Big Dogs.
Well, my friends-I am getting tired. I know I have no trouble sleeping because I, Texino, am a caring and helpful person just as I am certain all the employees of Stentec are. I feel certain I will be hearing from them very soon.
Good Morning and Goodnight to all around the world.

B.F. Texino
(Bozo Frank Texino Reverend Captain to the Skies and Seas: a Decorated Man and a team player who helped take O/S 2 to the mats.)[/b]
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