Why not a merchant ship in future developments of MBS?

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Why not a merchant ship in future developments of MBS?

Postby David » Sun 04 Jul 2004 - 01:01

I think that if stentec have been able to simulate successfully a boat as complex as the KNRM, they could perfectly simulate realistically a merchant vessel, such as a small coaster, a small tanker, etc.

However, the priority thing is the AI traffic and the night lighting (lighthouses, buoys, ...) to training COLREG and international buoyage.


Postby Barry » Tue 06 Jul 2004 - 22:54

When the 1.2 version comes out in a month or 2 hopefully it may have some features for animation,etc.

If you could get your own made boats moving any type to any level of detail could be created.
Far as I can see the emphasis is on racing,for both sims.
Whether we will ever see merchant ships or coasters, by Stentec or furum members "moving" without being on-line is anyone's guesss.

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