@Barry: problems installing sceneries

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@Barry: problems installing sceneries

Postby TomCat » Sat 30 Mar 2013 - 21:24

Hi Barry,

some years ago we had a few discussions on the MBS1 in the stentc board. You provided a link to your MBS site including instructions on using blender etc. and some help with registering sceneries. The link that I have is not valid any more.
Is that info still available?
Just wanted to play a bit MBS after some years and I had to re-install all the stentec software after a system change (still WinXP). Now I don't manage to install any of my additional sceneries in MBS. I install (with InstManager) and register (with SceneryBuilder) but the sceneries don't show up in the MBS menu.
Hoped to find some hints on your 'old' site;)

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Re: @Barry: problems installing sceneries

Postby Barry » Tue 28 May 2013 - 01:27

Gerhard HI. That's a coincidence. Just been having a look at the stentec site for old time sake.
Gave up on Stentec after I got XP or Vista years ago when the sceneries didn't load.
Not sure if Stentec has a fix for it. At the time they said they couldn't fix it.

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