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About Update1.2 !

PostPosted: Fri 03 Sep 2004 - 16:56
by Exocet25fr
Is update v1.2 available for the download version of Motorboat soon? :roll:

PostPosted: Mon 06 Sep 2004 - 10:02
by Hilbert
Hello Jean-Marc,
The update is planned to become available this month. We are waiting on some final Italian translations to be inserted.

Hilbert Roukema
Stentec Software

Good news !

PostPosted: Mon 06 Sep 2004 - 11:34
by Exocet25fr
Hi Hilbert !

Thanks for this Good News ! :D !, I'm very impatient! :wink:


PostPosted: Mon 20 Sep 2004 - 17:56
by texino
Let's see now; if you are in Italy and the telephone rings, do not say this:
"Hello?" Instead, say: "Pronto" "Hello?" No. "Pronto!" Yes!

OK. Now I will pretend to have a conversation on the phone in ITALIAN.
You will only be able to hear my side because it is against the law to listen to someone's conversation.

Ready? Good, let's start. Phone rings or buzzes. Texino (that is me) picks it up. Texino: "Pronto"
Texino: "Ah, Isabella mi bella Isa, Ha ha ha"
Texino "Buon e voi?"
Texino "No"
Texino "Si" "Si" "Così il medico ha detto che cosa?"
Texino "No"
Texino "Si"
Texino "No, cosa?"
Texino "No, quello non può essere fatto con un cane.
Texino "Si 17:45"
Texino "Ciao"

OK? Now that was not so hard. Next, I will drive a boat.

OK, here we are at the dock in Sicily. Sicily is a part of Italy but it is on an island. That makes it handy to have a boat. In this scenario, Texino has been informed that a company called La Cosa Nostra is interested in discussing a contract. First, however, Texino must travel to Alaska which is in the US but really not so far from Italy if you know the short cut. Anyway, Texino may not use the airport in Sicily and must, instead, travel to Rome.

Now watch closely. Texino gets on board. He checks the bilges. He checks the fuel level. He checks the safety equipment and lighting. He checks his weapons. He checks for any recently installed equipment that should not be there. Now he turns on the blowers to clear any unsafe fumes which may have collected near the engines. Next he turns the battery selector switch to 'Both' and starts the engine on the starboard side. Now he will repeat the procedure on the port engine. Once the engines reach operating temperature, he steps off the boat and walks to the marina office and goes into the wash room. There is a man washing up in one of the shower stalls. Texino undresses down to his under clothes and enters an empty shower. In a few minutes the other person leaves. Now, Texino comes out of the shower and puts on a different set of clothing which he takes from the closet where his clothes were hanging. Checking his appearance in the mirror he puts on a pair of glasses and leaves the building by the back door, mounts a motorcycle and after putting on a full face helmet, rides away.

There. Now we won't worry about what Texino is doing because we know that it is impolite to stick our noses into someone else's affairs. The point to be made is that Captain Texino did quite a lot of seaman like duties without speaking or needing to read Italian. What is more, he could go to anyplace in the world and do the same thing with no regard to what lingo was being used. Why? Because English is the international language for maritime communication, that's why; same thing for airplanes. So let's say someone wrote a simulation program for airplanes or boats and tried to include some language translations as an upgrade, well it would not be an upgrade, it would be just a nice gesture.

I hope that today's demonstration has not been too immature and that everyone involved has a pleasant time during the remains of the day.
Thank You. B.

Today the Part of Captain Bozo F. Texino was played by his creator, writer, xxx xxxxxxxx who would not be able to face his/her public were it known that he/she played at boats, trains and planes on the computer

V1.2 Update for MBS?

PostPosted: Wed 29 Sep 2004 - 13:23
by Exocet25fr
I don't see the promise v1.2update patch for downloaded MBS? :?

Maybe you spoke about September 2005? :roll:

PostPosted: Thu 30 Sep 2004 - 08:42
by Hilbert
As mentioned earlier, some final translations have to be inserted. The translations have already been received so the update should be available soon. We ask for a little more patience.

Hilbert Roukema
Stentec Software