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List of wishes

Postby Guest » Mon 27 Sep 2004 - 16:01

I have noticed that a lot of people have wishes what features they want to see in SS, MBS and SDT.
Therefore I have made a list of wishes ( of course I can only speak for myself ).
Also it seems that Stentec on one and the users on the other side have different ideas about the both sims.
For Stentec the behaviour of the boats is more important and most of the users see it more like a game.
With this post I want to start a discussion about what will be the direction in future ( Stentec evelopment team is also invited ).

List of wishes

For MotorBoatSimulator

• Boat modeller and/or editor

• Traffic

• Animated objects

For Scenery Designer Toolkit

Since there is not much activity from Stentec in case of scenery design a lot of people try to build their own sceneries with software which is not real comfortable for this job ( out of date ), or work with software which should be normally included in SDT ( 3D Modeller ).
I hope a lot of members will participate this discussion.


Postby altug » Tue 28 Sep 2004 - 13:19

Hi Jan!

Your list is exactly the dream I have too :D ...

I would add to the list:

-Transparent Water Surface

Lets say showing from surface down to 3-5 meters with fading as it gets deeper :D So the reality at coast can be better and also some coastal underwater objects can be created and added by users etc...

I think the simulation is very successfull considering boat and water behaviours and land formation. This is not a game only, also a training software. Our problem is that Stentec does not only deal with these simulations and they have more serious products for sailors to develop rather than fullfilling some game feelings or realistic virtual world wishes.

So I am on one hand enjoying the simulation :D and on the other hand suffering from poor virtual world offered. :(

I think creating traffic and animated objects (lights, lighthouses etc.) requires too much time for developers at Stentec and I really dont expect these developments in the short run from Stentec.

As a first step I would suggest them, if they can, to offer more easy to use tools/softwares to the user to help building the virtual world of SS and MBS, such as you mentioned boat modeller/editor and 3D modeller (editor exists already).

About Scenery Designer Toolkit, I think it is satisfying in terms of land formation. Look at the beautiful land formations done with real data by Alex and Russel.

Missing thing is user friendly 3D modeller for boats and objects...and I hope you guys at Stentec can solve the water transperency easily for the next update or version :wink:

all the best wishes

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Postby Barry » Sat 02 Oct 2004 - 17:44

Have been away for a week and just logged on to the Internet for the first time and just discovered Altug's new site so have a bit to catch up on. Havn't had time to see what is on it but it looks very interesting, and many thanks to Altug for helping to keep the interest in the simulations ongoing. This in turn also gives me more interest as "not alone". Or rather adds to the small pool of people creating content both routes and models.

My wish list is very simple and that is a realistic ship and boat simulator that could be used for any type of ship or boat that we can make as well as what Stentec makes for us. The more realism the better, both on land and sea, but keeping in mind the frame rates of the simulations.

We are part way there, but racing and navigation at present seem to be the dominating features, and there are still basic problems in the sim like the collision spheres (but there is a workaround to use a text editor fix), another major problem is getting any type/size of boat to float using an out of date method. You have to use the Object Editor but some boats can be made to float but some refuse to however much you juggle with the settings.

Next previously we had no vegetation as this can only be made with an alpha texture 24 bit plus 8 bit tga. However I have tried this with the m/b 1.2 sim using Blender and although it won't show in the Object editor or Scenery Designer it does NOW show in the 1.2 m/b sim. Any type of vegetation can now be easily made, also rigging for ships, distant people, skylines, city backdrops, or whatever. These will still only show as pictures on a black backgrounds in the sailsim and m/b 1.1.

Other essentials are other moving boats in the same scene, including what we make as well as Stentec, lighthouse beams, animations (which is necessary even to rotate propellors etc).An awful lot could be done once introduced as needed for lighthouse beams which are rotating cones of light. Also neeed lighting effect for night. Presumably then the lighouse beams could be made to show as a lit cone. Animations could be used for umerous effects and have had the sea-plane taking off and landing but just in Blender.

The Scenery Designer has its limitations and once a route is made with dem data and objects placed it can not be altered without going back to the original without objects etc, so an updated Scenery Designer is another essential.

So a good basis and hopefully Stentec will continus adding the support and new functions.

Incidentally Blender can make any type of boat, even based on plans etc. If trying it just start small. Trees and vegetation with the tga 32 bit alpha is very easy as you just use a picture and the background is made invisible.
Interlace a few together and you have a tree. Multiply them up and you have a forest. Same with rigging. Use the "magic wand", in a paint program to remove the background. You make back-ground pure black.Convert it to a 32 bit alpha texture. If the paint program doesn't do this use TGA2 (downloadable) or similar and stick the 32 bit tga image (24 bit plus 8 bit combined image) on a flat double sided plane in Blender. and export as vrml2. Converts easily to S3D or buoy with Object Editor and export to the Scenery Designer.


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