How to install a Scenery

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How to install a Scenery

Postby Molay » Wed 09 Feb 2005 - 22:59

Sorry for my bad english ...

So i have downloaded the scenery MarinaIsland_byAltugK but how i install it ?!?!
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Postby Barry » Thu 10 Feb 2005 - 02:05

Hello Molay I copied this from one of my previous posts.
Just in case Altug or one of the others don't see your post.


Dowload the free scenery manager from Stentec. Install as a single file, scroll to were you installed the file and install to the default folder. click default folder.

When installled it won't show yet in the opening screen of routes. Start any routes, then Alt/Environment/Sailing area. Scroll to the route and open it.

To get it to show in the opening screen of routes. Alt on computer.Game/Save situation and give it a name.You can use this to start at different positions on the routes. Just give each position that you are at on te route a different name.
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Is Marina Island Crashing in MBS 1.2 ?

Postby altug » Thu 10 Feb 2005 - 05:38

Hi Molay!

Welcome among us! :D

I hope you could install and started it thanks to Barry! :D

Here I want to ask all of you about Marina Island:

After geting MBS 1.2, I was trying and checking my sceneries in it.
I am having problem only with Marina Island.
Each time I cruise around, after a while some strange 3D shapes are appearing (like a horror film :D ) and it is crashing with an error message. So for me it is not possible to stay more than 5 minutes in the Marina Island.

Did anyone experienced the same problem? Or it is just my graphic card or own computer problem?

Based on my previous knowledge I wrote at the download page: 'this sceneries run well under SailSimulator, under MBS 1.1 without patch 1.1.2 and under MBS 1.2'

So if this problem I am having with Marina Island in MBS 1.2 is common to some other users too, I should correct this information that it is not running well under MBS 1.2.

Please let me know if you have crashing problem with it in MBS 1.2 or is it ok?


altug :D
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Postby Molay » Thu 10 Feb 2005 - 11:55

Ok i installed the scenery and it runs fine ... :D

Thx for you help ... :D
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