Wildly Jumping boats

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Wildly Jumping boats

Postby chris_soebroto » Sun 13 Feb 2005 - 04:10

Hi Everyone,

There is a problem with the motor boats, including the Prins Willem, that I haven't been able to solve. When the sea is choppy the boats jump out of the water and over the waves, as if they have no weight. That's true, of course, but even so.
I have tried to adjust the weights, but even then the jumping continues. Anything but realistic. Does anybody know how to deal with this?
Cheers, Chris

Postby portofrotterdam » Wed 16 Nov 2005 - 17:52

Hai Chris,

When te weather is bad , and the waves are getting high so your ship is coming out of the water.
The engines of your ship suddenly doesn't have the same pressure so they flip.
In real life (i sail on a patrol boat) on large waves your never sail full power.
But adjusting it so you climb into the waves but not come out of it
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