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Postby Jan » Tue 26 Apr 2005 - 14:11

I must say that I'm very dissapointed about Stentec.
Because they give us some ( OK, very good ) simulators, but after this nothing.

No new sceneries.
No up to date tools to make some by yourself.
No modeller to make buildings to make your scenery more attractive.
Still no shipdesigner.

Sorry, this makes no fun.


Postby Stefan » Wed 27 Apr 2005 - 11:18


At the moment we're very busy with our navigation software. But after that we will start picking up the Sail Simulator and Motorboat Simulator work again.
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Postby bobhog » Wed 18 May 2005 - 11:50

I must say that I agree with Jan.
Despite some VERY nice features, the simulators have a long way to go before they come anywhere near Virtual Sailor, which is a lot cheeper to purchase!
Bob Hoggarth.
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Postby Barry » Wed 18 May 2005 - 13:12

Bob I can see your point and also Virtual Sailor has a flourishing forum.
However although I bought it a year or 2 ago very rarely use it.

Some excellent boats in it but any boat can be created to any level of detail with some 3D programs. But until we are able to drive/sail our own made boats/or made by others, hardly worth while and can't even get some of mine to float with the functions we currently have in the Stentec simulators at present.

The attraction of the Stentec sail/motorboat sim is the ease of creating routes using the dem functions in the full scenery dsigner.

I think anyone could create a simple route, few islands or whatever in half an hour or so.
Even a real life route based on contours can be created just by tracing (thread like), around map/chart, land and sea height contours and giving them a height value. This is all I did for my current route.

Any object can be made fairly easily and put into the simulators with a few clicks of the mouse. Objects can be easily resized using the Object Editor, etc.

The added attraction in the Stentec sims is the water effects, boats create real "waves", which interact with buoys, and other boats, etc.

For me route making and placing objcts, etc, looks too complex (for me) in Virtual Sailor.

At least we have a choice a few real ship and boat simulators from two manufacutrers. Not counting the ones just made purely for racing.

I don't know much avout the navigation side with Stentec, but the routes and boats can also be linked to the navigation software, so can be used for real life boat navigation practice.

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Postby Jan » Sat 21 May 2005 - 14:17

Hi Barry

You're right, but when i buy a simulator i want to sail with it and not spending ( or wasting ) my time with making some sceneries.

I know that you, Altug and Aal ( and others ) are doing a fine job, but i think this is not what most users want.

Stentec is also making maps for they're own navigation software, why don't they use it for some add-on's?


Re: Disapointed

Postby Swakke » Mon 23 May 2005 - 20:59

I agree with Jan for the full hundred pct.
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Postby Jan » Mon 23 May 2005 - 21:38

Hi Barry

When i say, this is not what most users want, i do mean that most of them don't want to build they're own sceneries.
This is no criticism to you and the others.

As far as i know, only you,Altug and Aal have made some sceneries, so it seems that for other users there is little interest in it to build sceneries by themself.

Maybe this will be changed with some easy to use and more comfortable software, i don't know but i hope so.


PS. When you have posted a reply, please don't delete it after a short time. For the other users it becomes hard to follow this discussion.
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Postby Barry » Mon 23 May 2005 - 21:57

Thanks Jan...

To be honest I find it difficult trying to keep an interest in the sail and motorboat simulators with so little discussion and feedback.

Like yourself I can only use what we have available and hoping that Stentec will make more functions available for us to use.

I find it boring driving one default boat around miles of docks and along a long coastlline, with no other boats in sight, but no other options at present except on-line.

The Scenery Designer though is the answer as Stentec also uses it I think to make the available routes.

I appreciate it is not to everyone's taste using it, but the more people that decide to try it out the more routes we will get to sail on, if made available for download..

The only other way is for Stentec to make add on routes etc, but can't really see that happening.

They are starting to work on a new Scenery designer and hopfully we will get all the coastlines made of Europe,Scandinavia and UK, etc eventually, by interested forum members perhaps.

They don't take too long tracing the contours on land but the sea-depths also need making accurately and I didn't have any charts for that.

Also the present Scenery Designer limits the size as the bigger the route the less detail, etc.

Sailsim 5 may have more alternatives for us..... but back to waiting.

Thanks again.


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Postby Jan » Mon 23 May 2005 - 22:07

Hello Barry

I hope that other forum members will join this discussion, so that we can give 'Stentec' a clear view of where the points of interest are.


Postby Jan » Sat 28 May 2005 - 11:15

Hi all

It is to bad that there is no reaction at all (except from Barry).
Now i understand why 'Texino' stopped writing.
It seems that a lot of users don't understand that a forum lives by action (writing) and not by reaction (reading).
There are over 4hundred registrated members, but maybe 20 of them have posted more or less frequently.

As i wrote before, to bad.


Postby Aal » Sat 28 May 2005 - 16:39

I do agree with Jan that not many people are reacting at this forum. But with vital features missing in the sailsimulator, I loose interest and check this forum not so often. And by now everybody knows where Stentec's priorities are and that they sold us promisses.
I'm not going to invest time, even reacting to the very repeating mails about how bad Stentec is. We got ripped for our money in the assumption that theee would be extensions which would make it what I expected to be. But hey, get real. Stentec is not going to behave differently because more people complain. The past has proven this.
I can imagine that even some software designer are frustrated at Stentec. In the good times they were hired maybe with the promise of working with the sailsim. But once hired they got some other jobs.
I think we all have to accept. We invested our money in the wrong product. It looked promissing but it was a dead, such is live.
And I think Stentec should realise and take the consequences.

After the fall of the telecoms and IT marked these have become commodeties and are not the booming businesses anymore. They have now consolidated.

Gaming and the CG entertaiment industry however will be booming now. And the same will happen there as in telecoms and IT. There will/is an acceleration technology and budgets in this industry and if you don't invest/make an effort you will loose terrain to the competition quickly and DIE.

Stentec and the sailsim are now years behind (not necessary in respect to other sailsimulators but other games). And even when they maybe don't see the sailsim as a game it is addressing that market (PC/DirectX etc etc) and will have to follow the trends and 'rules' of that market.

Anyway probably not many people will read this, since long posts on forum are boring, but I just wanted to indicate why the sailsim community is not thriving. I told this to Stentec years ago.

Well enough time spend on the sailsim again. I hope the sun starts to shine soon and the wind will pick so I can do some real sailing.

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Postby Barry » Sat 28 May 2005 - 21:40

I will be staying. Can't see any alternative.

No other simulator that I know of suitable for my interests!

That is route making and content creation for real world simulation.
Also sailing on them. Having been making drivable ships and boats and coastal routes for a train simulator for a year or 2 using gmax but no longer interested, also looked at and have Virtual Sailor... so staying with Stentec now....unless another new real life simulator for coastal sailing comes along and can't see that happening.

So went down to Liverpool docks today and took another batch of photos and may get a few out of them to work with.
A nice square rig sailing ship was moored their as well so that alone needs a good few trips just to get photos..

Hopefully sail sim 5 with see more improved functions and a new Scenery Designer to go with it...hopefully this year Stentec please.:wink:

Motorboat simulator was an improvement over sailsim 4, as regards ease of running on my machine.

Development of the simulators is slow, but at least they are being developed.... and forum at present is having a lengthy siesta, but will plod on......


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Postby Jan » Sun 29 May 2005 - 22:31


If the opinion of Alex is true, we have bought a wreck.
It is still swimming, but when will it sink?

It is a fact that (almost) everybody is seeing both of the Sims as a game.
It becomes time that "Stentec" accept this.


Postby Barry » Mon 30 May 2005 - 18:13

Jan there is plenty in the simulators and hopefully the ability to drive your own made boats or boats made by others will be made available, hopefully in sail sim 5.
This will add an entirely new interest once introduced.

Racing, etc on line is available for those that want it.
Routes up to 30 kilometres can fairly easily be made and if using alpha textured items you can add whatever you wish.
3D items can be made from just a cube, and any amount of houses, quays, can be made from just these.
Objects can be made to any level of detail uing Blender to use in the simulators, and most important they can be easily put into the Scenery Designer with afew clicks of the mouse.

If addion routes were introduced by Stentec they would only be similar to what we make ourselves as they would still have to use the Scenery Designer.
Sail sim 5 and a new Scenery Designer is due to be made and they may have started on them now.

The motorboat simulator has many more functions than sailsim 4 and hopefully sailsim 5 will see more functions again than the motorboat simulator.

The collision spheres appear to have ben fixed.
Alpha texturing introduced.
You can simulate mooring.
Runs a lot better for me than sailsim 4.

Anyway should Stentec read this thread, hopefully please make the function available to drive boats other than the few default boats in the simulator in the next verion due out of either simulator.
I want to get some of my boats moving!

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Postby bobhog » Mon 30 May 2005 - 20:08

I agree with everything that has been said on this topic.
With regard to getting our own boats sailing, I think this feature is long overdue. I know that Stentec have promised things in the future, but a promise is worth nothing until it is delivered! (If you dont accept this, just listen to a few polititions at election time)

On the subject of getting our own boats sailing, does anyone know anything about the 3d file format in MBS, it has a .mesh extension that I have been unable to find anything about. There do not appear to be any plugins for 3ds type programs, and if it were possible to crack this, we could do some serious work towards getting our oun boats on the high seas. (Perhaps someone at Stentec could help) (lol)
Bob Hoggarth.
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