Congratulations and Thanx to Barry :)

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Congratulations and Thanx to Barry :)

Postby altug » Thu 12 May 2005 - 14:21

Hi Barry! :D

Congratulations for the scenery and especially the alpha textured 3d objects :shock: :D . I was following your posts, reading the forum in rush but could not write or give a feedback. So even the forum gives the feeling of a desert dont give up the good work :D

I was working on a new scenery. This time a real location. I have done the scenery using the navigation chart of the area. The chart I used has only sea depth levels but did not have the land altitudes, only the hill top's.
I have just draw the shore line correctly and made the sea and land altitudes fictious: Depths, hills and mountains are not based on reality.So in the scenery only the shore line is correct and thats why I am not publishing it yet. I will post some screenshots of the scenery soon. My aim is to film and photograph the land formation of this area during summer vacation and remake the scenery, sea levels and hill top's from the chart and land formation from visual recordings as real as it gets.

After downloading your scenery and seeing the horses and trees I was
really excited :shock: :D . This way I can take photos of the shore from a boat and
create a whole shore line with real view :D :D I tried some...have changed your alpha textures with a car photo than with an Istanbul photo and a woman photo. See the results. Their scales, resolutions and cropings should be worked better but a quick try gave these results...

I am very excited about the future sceneries :wink: :D

The sad thing is that it is only available at MBS :(

Thank you again for your contributions.... best regards...

altug :D


Image :D
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Postby Barry » Thu 12 May 2005 - 18:32

Hi Altug - Thanks for posting - much appreciated.
Jeroen from Stentec mentioned a while ago about the alpha texture.

No sure what programs you use but I use gmax to make boats, etc, for the train simulator Trainz :wink:
Anyway gmax will maKe alpha textures, and is it 3DS max, which is a £1000 or so?, can probablly also make them. Not sure if the painting program the Gimp, free, can make them?

Can't use gmax with Stentec sim. at present as they buy the licence I think and make the plugin.

So I use the free open source Blender.
This will make the alpha model (except it locked up on me), but you need the 32 bit file making. My paint program is from my scanner and although I can use the line tool to remove backgrounds, and also there is a magic wand to remove inside pieces doesn't work too good.
All the inside of the gaps between branches and leaves also need removing..

I have then got to use a second small program to make the 32 bit file.

The major problem is the invisible background makes the next part of 3D model transparent or the another object transparent, if placed too close to it.
So diificult for me to make realistic trees as you need to interlace a few together.
Another problem you can see the outline edge of the invisible background for some reason as a thin line.

Don't know if you have tried the Object Editor but you can resize any object, height,width and depth to whatever you want as I did when I made the giant person in fantasy route I made.
Havn't tried it with the alpha textured objects but would probably work?

Could aways make various size planes for you to use, etc if any problems with what you are using. We will get it all working eventually.

Backdrops would be ideal and what you mention sounds excellent. Pity the Scenery Designer was't better (hopefully next version will be better), as we could merge the alpha textured back-drops, in with the land, raising and lowering it as we wished with the object in place and altering the terrain around them.

Need to get some more photos myself with the digital camera and make a stock of alpha items.
Whole sceneries of the shore lines, rivers banks, cities, bridges, cities, etc can be made.

Ideal for complex rigging on boats.
In the route I had a photograph of canal weed, flowering water lilies, Which I photographed on the local canal, and used that in the alpha texture in route. Couldn't get it to float but works well with the boat sailing through it as a static object.

The route you are making sounds interesting and look forward to trying it when completed. I just trace along the contour lines. I am the opposite to you as had a map for the land contours including Snowdon mountain but had no sea contours except the sandbanks. Trouble is what state of the tide do you choose with up to 30 feet range at Liverpool and a fast current?
Hopefully tides in the future?

We are limited in what we can do with the present Scenery Designer. as near the limit I think the size I made. I had to make the space between bars 50 metres, so the small river Alt which is about 20 feet across ended up at 150 feet or more. Ok for coastlines though and wide rivers and Estuaries like the Ribble and Mersey.

If placing actual objects, as they are in there true position, if of any help, make a flat single sized plane with the actual diagrams, or map on it as a texture. Put it in as a model in the exact position, work over it then delete it. I made 6 x 1000 metres and put 1000 metre texture of dock plan on each to make the 3 to 4 miles, deleting them when finished..

Don't often see travellers in this forum desert, except the occasional passing camels and tribesmen.
Camels needes for my Eygpt route.

If you get into making the alpha textures, perhaps you could make me a nice jungle, clad tropical island, full of palm trees, with the boat pushing through the low overhanging trees, few camels also maybe:wink:
Perhaps you could make me the river Amazon, might be a better idea. :wink:

Keep in touch.



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Postby Barry » Thu 12 May 2005 - 20:04

Altug only just saw the screenshots - I am using firefox browser and had ticked load images for the originating web site only - only just found out so will have to make sure I don't tick that again.

They look good.
If any problems making flat sheets for the alpha textures maybe I could make different sizes etc. Up to about 1000 metres, enabling the alpha texture.
Maybe it will work just with ordinary flat plane alpha not enabled using the 32 bit texture?

Havn't tried it for the alpha textures but we will get the system working.

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Postby Barry » Fri 13 May 2005 - 16:01

To solve the line showing problem, at the top of the invisble background the texture map needs pulling down a little away from the top in Blender, possible the same if using other programs, sds max, ertc?
Just tried it and no sign of the line.

No idea how to cure the problem of the invisible background making the nearest nearest face on the same 3D model invisible, or nearest face on a seperate 3D model invisible. OK if you don't place them to close together in the simulation but if porthole, rigging etc on same model how is it fixed?

Tried everything I can think of. Any Ideas?

Will post in both threads as an important topic.

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