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Water and related features discussion

Postby Barry » Fri 13 May 2005 - 21:57

Never understood the water set-up in motorboat simulator.
In the Sail Sim the wave height seemed to work OK related to the wind strength.

With motorboat simulator sometimes the water seems to take a while to get moving, if at all sometimes. Usually leave it set on the default setting.

There appears to be 2 seperate components, an animated texture to give the appearance of waves, and another animation to create the vertical movement of the waves.
Perhaps this is linked to the resolution setting which I find is very frame hungry so have turned it to a lower setting.

If anyone has any advice, on what they set the waves to etc, would be interesting. Especially for realism, for gentle breeze to a strong wind.

Would be nice to see them breaking over the sea wall and still be able to realistically drive/sail the boat. Never achieved that setting yet.

Yes a bit of a puzzle the motorboat water system and appears to be a little too complex?

Perhaps it is also to do with my graphics card, ati radeon 9800 pro.

Some interesting features I have only just discovered is that the boat swings round to the flow of current, and also to the direction of the wind if moored by the bow.
Never used the current setting much so that was interesting.

If we get tides in a next version of sail or m/b sim, that would be fascinating, waiting for the tide to lift the boat over the estuary sand bank to enable you to get into the smaller rivers.


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Postby altug » Wed 18 May 2005 - 17:08

Hi Barry! :D

For a challenging cruise in a wavey sea I suggest the following setup. It shows clearly the waves and sprays at their tops. Good challenge for Cruiser and Launch but Runaboat is flipping over easly.


choose: user-defined
(this example is to use with wind direction set up to 270 degree)

wave1 : 0,04m 2,00m 270,00 degree

wave2 : 0,04m 2,00m 310,00 degree

wave3 : 0,33m 6,00m 90,00 degree
(this is the main wave coming from 270 as the wind and going to 90)

wave4 : 0,33m 6,00m 130,00 degree

Breakig setup at Max. at its left

The best feeling is with Launch + view from Helmsman about 75-80 degree wide view angle

Also at the performance settings setup water and spray resolutions as high as you can.

I hope you feel the waves :D

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Postby Barry » Thu 19 May 2005 - 01:25

Thanks Altug.

I copied that into wordpad and will see what happens.
Now where did I put those sea-sick tablets :wink:

Just made myself an alpha textured ladder for the docks and placed a few dozen.

That seems to work OK. The dock workers were getting fed up falling into the water when jumping across to their boats.:wink:


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