Version 6 of route available for download - lit buoys, etc

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Version 6 of route available for download - lit buoys, etc

Postby Barry » Tue 07 Jun 2005 - 15:28

This was updated to enable me to place lit red and green buoys from the river Alt along the river Mersey and Estuary up to the Ellesmere Port Canal complex.

Upload just finished and if problems post or post anyway for discussion.

Try making route as as dark as possible and see if you can get to Ellesmere Port without running aground. The difficult part will be getting out of the river Alt where the route starts for version 6 and the approach to Ellesmere Port.
Just keep between the red and green buoys.
If calling into the 3 miles or so of docks at Liverpool c1830, there are lit gaslamps along the quaysides and red and green lit lamps at the various dock basin entrances.

I think its now near the limit for placing objects IN VERSION 6 until we get an improved scenery designer, however the frame rates are similar to version 5 I think so seems to run OK still.

Having the downloads available is also useful for myself as a back-up.

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Postby Exocet25fr » Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 13:53

Hi Barry! :D

You never Stop...! :lol: , I believed NW Uk and Wales Scenery was finished....! :D

Thanks again! :wink:
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Postby Barry » Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 15:48

Hi Jean-Marc

Thanks for posting once again :wink:
You seem to be the only crew member, or are you the captain and I am the crew..I hate climbing up the masts to adjust the sails :wink:

I thought I had finished a few versions ago then started with the alpha textures for trees etc, then only just found out how to make lit objects in any colour so made the lit buoys, beacons, and lamps.

I thinks that about finishes this route.
Takes a couple a minutes when I first save in Scenery Designer but OK on saving after that..

So appears to be a limit on the quantity of content you can add, not so much the affect on frame rates as these still seem to be reasonable.

You may need to turn down the water resolution slider to less that half and terrain slider to about half depending on the video card you are using.

Will keep to smaller routes of the same area from now on...and try and make the detaill more realistic...hope the next scenery designer comes out this year then we can really make some interesting routes.


:) :)
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Postby bobhog » Thu 09 Jun 2005 - 00:10


Your not alone!! I am still here, just!
Not been very active recently, struck down with sciatica and unable to sit anywhere for very long, let alone at the keyboard, but I have downloaded and installed version 6, it looks very good.
Bob Hoggarth.
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Postby Barry » Thu 09 Jun 2005 - 00:41

Hi Bob - thanks for posting.

I know what you mean, as a good few years ago now had similar problem,
and could barely put foot on floor.

It clears away slowly though. but not sure if it ever goes completely.

Used to take calcium aspirin, or just aspirin reduces imflamation around the nerve I think?

Good trip around Cape Horn will fix it and a noggin or 2 of rum :wink:

Thanks Bob


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