A real "ship driver" has some newbie questions?

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A real "ship driver" has some newbie questions?

Postby bigkahuna » Wed 15 Jun 2005 - 03:18

Hi all! I'm a retired US Navy deck officer and licensed master (who also moonlights as a software consultant). I just stumbled on the Stentec simulators by accident and it looks awesome. I've got some questions though:

1. Is there a demo version somewhere? I searched the motorboat simulator site and didn't find any. Anyone have a link?

2. I read that the app supports multi-players, can I pre-set a route for multiple vessels?

3. Besides creating new scenery and boats, what other functions are customizable (ie. control panels, controls, etc.)?

4. Any instructors out there using this software in the classroom? If so, how does it fit into your coursework?

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Postby Barry » Wed 15 Jun 2005 - 03:54

Hello and welcome to the forum.

I don't think there is a demo available of the m/b sim but there is one I think of the sail-simulator.

Altug has set up an online system and his thread gives details.

Things are very "slow", so off-line, just one default boat to drive/sail etc at each session but tere are a few to choose from.
There may be functions that we havn't discovered yet, but basically it up to what we can create ourselves at present.

Stentec are working/due to start work on sailsim 5, and have no idea when the next version of m/b sim will be?
Perhaps a few years off?

I only know of one other person who is using the simulator for training rescue crews.
koiravahti - see the 2nd page of disappointed thread for his post.

There is a style editor and you can alter the colours on the default boats etc. Possibly you could alter/edit the bitmaps yourself of the dials, levers etc, but don't know how you could change or repace the the actual mesh, to create new ones. Unable to drive'sail own made boats at present and only some it appears you can get to float using the Object Editor.

That about sums it up I think


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