No animation possible in vrml2 from Blender - Dead End?

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No animation possible in vrml2 from Blender - Dead End?

Postby Barry » Mon 04 Jul 2005 - 16:14

With hardly any input for Stentec regarding the simulators I am beginning to wonder myself is this a dead-end maritime simulator!

As gmax is not an option for us, which would need an adapter by Stentec, I am using the free open source Blender.

The support is needed as Blender can export to vrml2 which is the file needed for converting to S3D or buoy file to use in the simulators.

I know how to make boats, ships and probably most content with Blender and have a tutorial on my site, but boats are about movement and a boat simulator is about MOVING boats.

For this off-line we have one moving defaullt boat at a time which does not make for realistic simulation.

Although there is animation in the simulation we are not informed how to use it. Propellors rotate, flag moves, etc.
For animation to create the moving boats, and moving objects, will this feature be added as an adapter into the simulation to enable static objcts to move, or has the animation got to be built into the object.

VRML2 files made with Blender are not able to be export animation in the file. Just been doing a search on the site that is the only info I can find.
There wa one link for an adapter for aimation bet that led to page not available.

So no revolving lighthouse cones, no windmills on coastline,etc, or any moving maritime objects at least exporting to vrml2 from Blender at present.

I can make objects move with animation, but that is in the Blender window, and once it is converted to a vrml2 file, it is then a static object.

For moving boats perhaps the function can be enabled in the simulator for static boats to be got moving.

Certainly put enough hours into creating routes and content, luckily made for myself so not timewasted, although also made available for download should others be interested.

Not really interested in waiting for an indefinite time, with no definitive feedback from Stentec and with very little discussion from forum members.

Perhaps it is a dead end simulator after all, just for racing and navigation!! :?

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Postby bobhog » Tue 05 Jul 2005 - 00:17


In broad terms I am inclined to agree with you about the future of MBS.

On the subject of your long attempts to achieve animation, I think that the .S3D and .buoy files that you are attempting to animate are for sceenery objects, and will always be static. The files that I feel we have got to understand are the .mesh files, and without some help from Stentec I do not feel that we will get anywhere, and that the simulator will become, as you so elequently put it, a dead end simulator.

It would only take a little give from Stentec for us to turn their product into a viable entity, but they do not seem to realise this. Such a shame!
Bob Hoggarth.
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Postby Barry » Tue 05 Jul 2005 - 00:55

Hello Bob

Yes it's two seperate things really -
but any obect can be animated and you could make a "static object" of a boat moving about slowly with inbuilt animation, making circle about, etc -Either the whole obect can be made to move and you can see this in the train simulators - there are airships flying about in circles, etc - same could be done with boats at harbour entrances. seagulls circling, around a cluster of rocks, just as one animated object, etc.

I made a floating seaplane and in Blender I can make this come in to simulate landing and take off again just as part of the function of the model, but just in the Blender window. You will find them in my smaller routes.

Its just that the export function in Blender doesn't at present allow animation to the vrml2 file. With gmax you can export animation at least for the train sim.

In gmax you can make objects move limited distances and these can be exported then, but also the function has to be enabled in the simulator but it must be there already with the propellors turning, etc in Stentec sims.

The second more important problem is getting the static boats drivable and getting them on the move.Again this function must be there, except Stentec need to adapt it.

Unless Stentec are prepared to support this simulator NOW, I can't see me continuing with it much longer!
Just no interest seeing the same boat day after day on the same route, however interesting you can make a route.

Tried my best with it....but without Stentec supporting it NOW, not in some mythical future...The Stentec simulators could be vibrant and dynamic if only......I know they are a small company etc, but would not take much time to make it more interesting.....


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